Kunming junior high school and senior high school will open on 20th and other grades will report to kunming on 27th

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According to the notice on the issuance of the 2021-2022 School year teaching calendar for ordinary primary and secondary schools issued by the Education Department of Yunnan Province, students in grade 9 of junior middle school and grade 1, 2 and 3 of senior high school will be the first to start classes on February 20 and start classes on February 21.Grade 1-8 students will report to school on February 27 and attend classes on February 28.At present, all primary and secondary schools in Kunming have also issued a notice of opening, specifying the materials required to submit for returning to school.Some schools have made it clear that residential students in suburban counties need to return to school early on February 19.According to a notice issued by each school, parents will not be allowed in when students return to school.When students report need to submit code and stroke code, parents and students health during winter vacation from Queensland (domestic low risk area) is reported to the students still need to submit from kunduz table as well as the students return to 48 hours after he nucleic acid testing report, the students’ health code, travel code for yellow, red code and in students’ parents, live together through high risk areas, temporarily not back to school.In addition, schools have different requirements for students to return to school.All students in the Affiliated High School of Yunnormal University are required to submit their health codes and travel codes to their homeroom teachers for verification before entering the school. Students who have left the province after February 6th are required to submit negative nucleic acid test reports within 48 hours before returning to school.All faculty and staff (including hired staff, canteen staff and security guards) should upload screenshots of their health code and trip code in Dingdingecard before February 19. Those who have left Kunming after February 6 should provide screenshots of negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before returning to school.Students of grade 3 of Middle School affiliated to Yunda will come to school at 14:00 on 20th, and students of grade 1 and Grade 2 will come to school at 14:00 on 27th.The third grade should submit the health code and green code screenshots of the students and their co-residents to the head teacher through the class wechat group before 17:00 on 19th.Students and co-residents passing through the counties and cities of border ports outside the province or within the province should also submit screenshots of negative nucleic acid test reports on February 18 and 19 (within two days).Submit screenshots of student and co-resident health codes, green travel codes and negative NUCLEIC acid test results (only for students and co-residents who need to be tested) to the head teacher at registration on February 20 (color printed version).The head teacher shall collect all the items according to the student number and hand them to the health care room before 15 o ‘clock.Kunming No. 8 Middle School on 20th, teachers of grade 3 and senior high school will take leave and students will register.May 21: The third grade and senior high school classes begin.Residential students in suburban counties will return to school from 14:00 to 17:00 on February 19, and those living in urban areas will return to school on the morning of February 20, 2022.Kunming No. 8 Middle School will strictly implement the COVID-19 Health Risk Assessment Criteria for Teachers, Students and Staff in Yunnan Province, and make risk assessment for all students one by one. Only students with low risk can attend school normally.Three days before the start of school, the health code and green travel code of the children and their permanent parents should be sent to the wechat group of each class for future reference.For families leaving Kunming for low-risk areas during the holidays, the nucleic acid test results of leaving and entering Kunming should be sent to the homeroom teacher separately.High school students will still pay tuition fees through fudian Bank App online.In addition, in order to reduce the risk of contact with people outside the school, no students are allowed to leave school at noon during the outbreak.All luggage must be disinfected and checked at the designated place in cooperation with the dormitory administrator. Prohibited items, mobile phones and other electronic products are not allowed to enter the school, and luggage is not allowed to be put in the teaching building area. Resident students must return to school at the specified time and prepare necessary school supplies, daily necessities and epidemic prevention items.Students of grade 3 and Senior high school (including Xicheng High School) of Kunming No.14 Middle School will register in the morning of 20th, and the opening ceremony of grade 3, Grade 2 and Grade 3 will be held at 14:00.16:00 Opening ceremony of Grade one and West City Middle School.Classes will start on February 21st (Monday).Grade 2 and grade 3 of Kunming No. 24 Middle School will register at 8:00 on 20th, and grade 3 and Grade 1 will register at 8:30 on 20th (Sunday).During the epidemic, no parents will enter the school.Each student should prepare the health code and travel code of his/her parents and submit them to the head teacher for review before returning to school.Students who have a history of living outside the province or in medium-high risk areas during the vacation can return to school only with a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours.Students who have traveled to and lived in Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture since January 29 or Suzhou, Jiangsu Province since January 31, or those who have traveled to and lived in high school risk areas in China or those who have traveled to and lived in local cities affected by the epidemic are required to suspend their return to school and report to their schools and communities immediately.Before entering the school, students should standardize their appearance, take the initiative to wear masks and uniform grade clothes.Only those with normal body temperature can enter the school and dormitory area;Those with abnormal body temperature will be quarantined in the “temporary observation room” of the school after registration and filing, and their parents will be notified in time. The parents will accompany them to the fever clinic for medical treatment, and report the diagnosis and treatment to the community and the school.Students of Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 3 in Guandu District No. 1 Middle School will register at 14:00 on February 20, 2022 (Sunday). Students who live in school will start evening self-study at 19:00 and arrive at school before 7:30 on February 21.In Guandu District No. 2 Middle School, students in Grade 3, grade 1 and Grade 2 will register at 9 am, 2 PM and 2:30 PM on The 20th.Senior three students report for registration at 3 p.m.The junior and senior grades of Yunzi Middle School in Guandu district will report back to school at 14:00 on February 20 and start classes on February 21.In Xishan Experimental Middle School, grade 9 and high school students registered at 14:30 on 20th, and grade 7 and 8 registered at 9:00 on 27th.Before registration, parents should check whether students’ appearance meets the requirements of the school.Please hand in the “Letter to Parents” and the winter vacation homework to the class director and subject teacher for verification.Students are not allowed to bring any prohibited items (such as dangerous toys, controlled knives, etc.) into the campus.Other matters not covered will be notified by the school separately.Kunming No. 1 Middle School Xishan School junior and senior high school students will register for classes at 15:00 on 20th and start classes on 21st.Junfacheng Middle School affiliated to Yunnormal University students of grade 3 and senior high school will report to school at 14:00 on 20th and arrange related work.High school students live in school from that night, evening self-study.Classes will start on February 21st (Monday).Grade 1 and Grade 2 will report to school at 14:00 on 27th, and classes will start on 28th February (Monday).Panlong District Huicheng Middle School from January 12 / January 18, every day to truthfully fill in the students’ health status and movement trace check form, February 20 / February 27 to submit to the class teacher.Students who have a history of living and traveling in The border city of Xianzhou shall provide a valid nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours upon returning to school.Students returning to Kunming from low-risk areas should hold the health code “green code” and return with normal body temperature and good personal protection.Before the winter vacation, students should collect health code and communication travel code (electronic screenshot), so that students with green code can return to school on time.After returning to school, students should print out and fill in the “Panlong District School, nursery school students health declaration card” and submit it to the head teacher.If they are unable to provide such information, they shall be subjected to nucleic acid testing or 14-day isolation for medical observation.Source: Urban Times all media reporter Huang Yi editor: Tang Wei