Germany study group review project

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In fact, it is not. If there is no time to prepare for the APS audit in advance, we can also consider the whole process of the German school’s group review for studying abroad. Step 1:Chemnitz University of Technology chemnitz University of Technology is a French public comprehensive university of science and technology, history can be traced back to the establishment of the Royal Chemnitz Institute of Technology in 1836.At present, there are about 15,000 students, more than 1,600 teachers and students, and more than 60 technical specialties in seven departments.Because of the detailed guidance of teachers, the graduation of students in many technical majors is the shortest in France.Many interdisciplinary courses have been cross-cutting from the beginning.Colleges and universities attach great importance to the close combination of theory and practice. All engineering majors require students to have internships, and students’ internships and graduation papers are usually carried out in the company, so chemnitz university of Technology graduates almost no employment pressure.Dresden University of Technology, Leipzig University, Halle University, Weimar Modernist design university, Freiberg University of Technology and so on, if you are interested in hobbies, warmly welcome to online message at any time and anywhere to carry out understanding!To learn more