18 + 6 + 8!Booker vs. Barry Brown, Lin 5-for-8 in the first half, Beijing trailing Shenzhen by six points

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In the CBA regular-season game between Beijing shougang and Shenzhen on Sunday night, shenzhen won the first game, but the Beijing team was an all-Chinese team and zhai Xiaochuan had just returned to the lineup.Now the second match, Beijing team configuration is more complete, Shenzhen team has injury trouble, can not play, the firepower on the flanks has been affected, the need for other positions to make up for.In terms of the starting lineup, Yanis is still the regular arrangement, with the twin tower playing at the same time, Lin and Liu Xiaoyu as outside partners. Shenzhen team is also the core configuration, shen Zijie, Booker, He Xining and other first appearance.After the game began, foreign aid Booker attack effect is good, 3 in 2, Shen Zijie 2 shots into all.Beijing side of the tactical implementation of good, both inside and outside shots, but is not to throw in, play 3 minutes, the score 9:3, Yanis called a timeout, let the players to ease their mood.Ticked up came back, indeed as expected Beijing’s attack, Li Muhao, Fan Ziming, Jeremy has scored, come back not only caught up with the score still realize, shenzhen team side attack suddenly a little power, main Beijing defense is very strict, booker to is not easy, Fan Ziming and Li Muhao Shen Zijie defense in detail is very good also,Fortunately, He Xining hit two shots in a row, maintained the offensive firepower of shenzhen team, the score came to 14:13.Into the rotation time, Shenzhen team put on Zhao Yiming, also played a double high.Beijing side sent Barry – Brown, further improve the attack, qiu Tian, Raymond also appeared.As expected, Brown showed a strong impact after the appearance, his speed and power to shenzhen outside to create pressure, qiu Biao immediately sent on the excellent defense of Rong Zifeng to start marking him.And to the offensive end, Shenzhen team counter-attack effect is very good, Wu Zihan against the opponent folding layup, art gao people bold.At the end of the first quarter, Shenzhen led Beijing Shougang 28:27, and the last few possessions became a battle of small foreign aid, with Barry Brown hitting a 3-pointer at the buzzer in response to Booker’s 3-pointer.Brown scored nine points on 3-of-4 shooting in four minutes, an efficiency that was still impressive.The second section of the game began, the two teams played very patient, especially in the field of the transmission of the ball is relatively smooth, Beijing team are good at pressing the rhythm, Shenzhen team did not fire randomly.Booker was more active in the period, probably spurred on by Brown. He was active, got out to shoot and did a good job of creating opportunities for his teammates. Wu zihan hit two in a row.The score came to 38:32, shenzhen team did not lead too much, but Beijing team still called a timeout, mainly this period has been brown and Booker attack, maybe he did not want to use individualism to win the game, or rely on the system.After Lin returned, Shenzhen understood that his priority was to play offense, but Lin did the opposite, started scoring mode, two drives, one long shot, seven points in one go, no less efficient than Brown.The shenzhen team or Booker led the attack, his inside and outside shooting is very fierce, but teammates have space to share is also good, the important thing is to take advantage of the Beijing team mistake catch counterattack, the 7 seconds attack to the extreme, unknowingly, Shenzhen team established more than 10 points deficit.Shenzhen took a 57-51 lead at halftime, thanks to a stellar performance from booker, who scored 18 points and added six rebounds and eight assists.Wu zihan was the surprise, scoring 12 points and shooting 5 of 7 from the field.In addition, Shen Zijie 8 points, he Xining 7 points, Zhao Yiming 6 points.The Beijing team fell behind with too many major turnovers, reaching 10, while Shenzhen only had two, making it difficult not to get caught.On the player side, Lin and Brown each scored 13 points and made the same 5-for-8 field goal attempts. On the domestic side, Zhu Yanxi made 3 of 4 3-pointers, each key.