Tian Zhen in Australia mansion to celebrate the New Year record blessing video: wearing suspenders, like a girl in excellent condition

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// Preface // This Spring Festival, many Chinese Australians could not go home because of the epidemic.Former pop diva Tian Zhen is no exception.Although they could not spend the holiday with their families back in China, the Chinese in Australia still celebrated the New Year in their own way.Yesterday, Tian Zhen in his Mansion in Australia, recorded a blessing video.She’s in such good shape that her age is totally out of date!On Yesterday’s New Year’s Eve, Tian Zhen posted a congratulating video on his tiktok platform, with the caption “Wish you all a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger”, which sparked a heated discussion online.In the video, Tian zhen, wearing elaborate makeup and a simple ponytail, recorded the video alone in a mansion in Australia.There’s a staircase behind her, which means the mansion isn’t flat.Meanwhile, in the background to the right, the interior of the mansion is simple but stylish.Tian zhen is beaming in a halter top.Then the special effects change, Tian Zhen face appeared tiger special effects, instantly from a dignified mature style into a lovely young girl.After the special effects, Tian Zhen could not tell he was 55 years old.Her skin was tight and white, and the two necklaces around her neck added an air of youth.After seeing the video, many netizens left comments saying they were eager to watch Tian zhen’s last Spring Festival Gala.Some netizens vindicate that Tian Zhen is their favorite female singer, and the only one.The video has been viewed more than 130,000 times.In addition to the Tian Earthquake, many Chinese Australians also welcomed the New Year in their own way.An Australian Chinese journalist held a “lunar New Year’s Eve dinner” with his family in China via video last night, ABC Chinese reported.”Greeting each other across the screen and having dinner is not the best way to celebrate Spring Festival, but it can ease homesickness to some extent on such a special day,” he said.Hannah Liu, who lives in Ballarat, Victoria, said this was the third time her family had celebrated the Lunar New Year online.Her children will dress up in traditional costumes and send New Year’s greetings in Chinese to their grandparents via video calls.Grandparents send wechat red envelopes filled with lucky money to their two grandchildren.”The children were very happy to count the red envelopes.”According to The Age, Wendy and Michael, a Chinese couple living in Melbourne’s Doncaster East, dressed their children in festive red.They burn incense in their homes, place fruit offerings in front of the statue of Avalokitesvara and pray for peace and health.”Spring Festival is also a time for reflection, to reflect on how we can do better and move forward into The future,” says Wendy. “It’s also a time for cleaning up — to sweep away bad luck and welcome good luck.”The family will also visit The Quang Minh Buddhist Temple in Braybrook on New Year’s Day to pray.Finally, although the Chinese celebrate the New Year in different ways, but the intention of blessing the same.Here, I also wish all Chinese a safe, happy and healthy Year of the Tiger!The year of the tiger, the year of the tiger made a fortune, the year of the tiger without regret.