The first day of construction | 5,000 mu “Linhe Honey” base busy start a new journey of wealth

2022-05-30 0 By

After the Spring Festival holiday after the first day of work, the reporter walked into the Dongying City Lijin County Town linhe village 5,000 acres of “Linhe honey” melon planting base, I saw everywhere a lively labor scene, people in the busy start to get rich and income new journey.In early spring, zhang Honghua, a villager in Linhe Village, Chenzhuang Town, is warm and harmonious in her melon greenhouse.Now is the key period of the greenhouse melon seedling, her relatives and friends all give up rest, to help her.Digging holes and digging earth, we worked very carefully.Zhang Honghua has been growing melons for years, and her greenhouses bring her more than 100,000 yuan in net income every year.Linhe village is located in the Yellow River beach area, the soil is sticky and alternating, high in organic matter, very suitable for the cultivation of melons and fruits, the local villagers have always had a tradition of melon.At present, the planting area of Linhe Melon and Fruit Farmers’ professional cooperative organized by the villagers has exceeded 5000 mu, and the melon products of linhe Honey are exported to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places, becoming a famous agricultural product brand in the Yellow River Delta region.(Report by Li Ming, Reporter, Li Guangyin, correspondent, Li Weiwei, Dazhong Daily)