Sonorous rose to break the curse of six years, People’s Daily voice, men’s foot ashamed

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Men’s disgrace to never win over Vietnam, 62 Li Xiaopeng not before the Spring Festival for the people difficult to become a joke, this time the team’s face is the last group, have the Vietnam, both strength and ranking, the team’s crush opponents, and not lost in 62, can match a surprise ending, the team’s defeat in Vietnam, Vietnam even fill three ball easy to lose,The national football team this defeat is also recorded in history, nailed in the history of the humiliating column.Not long after the national football Team’s defeat, the women’s national football Team faced off against Japan, the former world champion and Asian champion. Different from the men’s national football Team, the women’s national football Team was weak in all aspects and it was almost impossible to beat Japan. However, the women’s national football Team created this miracle by beating Japan in penalty kicks and reaching the final.Women’s struggle and ashamed, don’t give up let football behind twice equalised twice, it is women’s girl don’t give up the final had the last laugh, in contrast, men’s soccer was Vietnam into after the first goal were undermined a collapse, there are two People’s Daily praised the women’s, is a spirit but professional quality, do not have these two points is football, soccer this burning money dou,Forever a burden to the nation.Look at the team’s bosses car, quick on millions of the best 4.5 million, look at them again in the competition in tourism, charter flights, five-star hotels, large logistics team, and look at salary, with a super must pay, a person is worth women’s football the whole team’s salary, but they play the level of tens of millions of level?Drunk driving, late nights in bars, tattoos…When you get to the court, your legs go limp, you can’t win what you should win, you can’t lose what you should lose, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, because there’s a guaranteed high salary, and a $6 million bonus for a big 12 tournament like this?Defeat by stigma small Vietnam, which has a population of 90 million, the team’s head high still head charter flights to return home, often hurt often war country foot numb, they have forgotten with the national emblem of the flag, they do not have a enterprising self-esteem, only to have the world no one that is greedy for money, some netizens suggested that the team’s monthly salary of 10000, only to play like that should have been, in the national fan,Men’s football still have a little of the heart of shame, the dissolution of the apology!