Six people accidentally ate poisonous mushrooms in Meizhou, Guangdong province, and four were hospitalized

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Surely you have heard a spread shengguang network song – “red umbrella white pole pole, eat together lie board, lie board buried mountain, the whole village come to eat rice, eat rice have pole pole, the whole village lie board together, the next year covered with red umbrella umbrella.”Here “red umbrella white pole pole” is we often say poisonous mushroom, can also be said to be toadstool.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the biggest case of mushroom poisoning occurred in Yongxiu County, Jiangxi province on September 1, 2001.At least 1,000 people were reported to have been poisoned.Like most mushrooms, the toxicity is low and the toxicity is mild.But some mushrooms are highly toxic, and some can kill quickly.Cases of mushroom poisoning are not uncommon, and many people die from it almost every year, but there are still many people who take the risk for that delicious bite.The main time is also concentrated in spring and summer these two seasons.In Fengshun County, Meizhou, Guangdong province, two greedy villagers surnamed Xu and Zhang picked wild mushrooms outdoors.Before cooking, they asked the local old man whether the mushrooms they picked were poisonous. After seeing them, the local old man thought they were not, so they took them home to cook and eat them.As a result, four of the six people developed poisoning symptoms and were sent to the hospital for treatment.It is understood that the poisonous mushroom they ate is known as Guangdong “number one poison king” amanita white, also known as fatal amanita, toxicity is highly toxic, the mortality rate is as high as 95%.As little as 50 grams of this deadly poison can kill an adult.At the same time, experts tell us: “This kind of amanita poisoning symptoms to experience the incubation period, gastroenteritis period, false recovery period and visceral damage period.And that leads to multiple organ failure and death.””The most dangerous thing is that after the symptoms of gastroenteritis, there is a false recovery period,” said Deng Wangqiu, a researcher at the Guangdong Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Microbiology.At this time the symptoms of gastroenteritis will disappear, the normal patients will feel that they are ok, and they want to go home.That turns out to be the most dangerous time because that’s when the toxins can get into the liver and cause liver failure.”Some people say that this incident is also to blame the old people in the village, because it is they confirmed that there is no poison, Xu and Zhang took home to cook, if the old people can be sure, this would not have happened.But I think this has nothing to do with the old man at all, eat and do not eat all by Xu and Zhang.Since they can not control their own mouth, knowing that may be toxic but also do not stop, want to taste fresh, can go to the vegetable market to buy.If you can’t do that, don’t blame the old man for misreading the mushroom.Now spread a lot of soil identification methods, have to see the color, with a silver needle, with garlic cloves these are not reliable.A netizen said: “Insects, maggot mushrooms are not poisonous.”Want to know is xu mou and Zhang mou take home guangdong “number one poison king” amanita ripe rotten after also very easy to give birth to insect, give birth to maggot.But there is no doubt that it is highly toxic.And when the amanita was given to mice directly by mouth, the mice did not die.Another user concluded: “The red umbrella is generally hallucinogenic, and the most poisonous one that can kill is generally white.In our village, the white umbrella is also known as a leg umbrella.”Another netizen joked: “Look at the white white clean, non-toxic and harmless, really know people know face don’t know heart.”As a wild fungus, mushrooms do taste good.But in the face of wild mushrooms, whether you know or do not know the best do not pick, not to eat.There are already so many delicious mushrooms to choose from in many wet markets and supermarkets that there is always a mushroom for you.Do you have anything to say about that?