Haikou Spring Festival vegetable prices are no longer “unattainable” goods full price stability

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Vegetables on display at a supermarket in Haikou, China.Haikou Spring Festival vegetable prices are no longer “unaffordable” goods full price stability more close to the people China New Network Haikou January 30 (Ling Nan) “here there are 1 yuan/jin of vegetables, and a few cents a jin of vegetables, really affordable.”On January 30, a woman named Tang, who was shopping for vegetables at the Vegetable Basket Fair-price shop (Yongxiu Garden Shop) in Xiuying district, Haikou city, praised the fair-price dish. “Many people came to buy vegetables this morning.The price of vegetables these days is cheaper than in previous years.”For many years, the vegetable price in Haikou has been relatively high compared with that in mainland China, and it will be even higher when the Spring Festival approaches. However, this year the vegetable price is relatively close to people and stable.In the shop, water celery, one of the must-have dishes for Hainanese during the Spring Festival, costs 3.9 yuan per catty.According to the clerk, the vegetables for 1 yuan/jin in the store are coconut vegetables, white radish, carrots, winter melon, white potatoes, pumpkin, buddhist hand melon and sharp pepper.In addition, leek, ground melon leaves, balmy melon 0.7 yuan/jin, western celery 0.8 yuan/jin, long beans, round pepper, cucumber 0.9 yuan/jin.Due to the large number of buyers, many cheap dishes on the shelves have been snapped up.As one of the necessary dishes for People in Hainan during the Spring Festival, watercress usually costs up to tens of yuan per kilogram during the Spring Festival.This year, the price is 3.9 yuan per catty in fair-price vegetable shops, and the price in farmers’ markets and supermarkets ranges from 7 to 13 yuan per catty, which is acceptable to the public.Vegetable basket “one yuan dish” of fairprice grocery store.Ling Nan photo parsley shop why cheaper?According to introducing, in late November, 2021, haikou city vegetable basket group according to the Spring Festival custom and the market demand, actively organize production water celery, beets, coriander, garlic sprout, such as “special food”, “special food” the total output of 240 tons, is expected to have harvested supply market in succession in early January, plans to continue to supply to February 15 (the fifteenth day of the first lunar month).At present, Haikou city vegetable basket group’s terminal sales network points reached 303.In addition to the basket price shops, the prices of most leafy vegetables in farmers’ markets and supermarkets are around 3-5 yuan per catty, which is lower than in previous years.Vegetables on display at a supermarket in Haikou, China.Vegetable prices are relatively stable during the Spring Festival this year. In 2021, Hainan will carry out affordable vegetable supply and benefit the people, and multiple measures to stabilize vegetable prices have achieved results.According to the monitoring, in 2021, the price of “15+N” kinds of basic vegetables in Hainan will drop significantly, among which the average price drop of 15 comparable varieties ranks first in China.The average retail price of 22 basic vegetables in Haikou dropped 0.6 yuan/jin in 2021.Over the years, the problem of high vegetable prices and rapid price rises, which the public has strongly complained about, has been gradually solved.In addition, hainan by compaction city county magistrate responsibility system, actively promote the “vegetable basket” parity vegetables for huimin action protection, establish a government-led control platform, improve the price monitoring and early warning system, increase the “vegetable basket” emergency stockpile, strengthen the inspection and supervision of cities and counties, to do a good job of people’s livelihood out a number of measures, such as the “vegetable basket” for price stability.Some vegetables were snapped up at the basket bargain shop.In the evening of January 30, Haikou Jiangnan agricultural products wholesale market caocanzi trading area bustling with people.The market is responsible for more than 60 percent of haikou’s vegetable supply.The stalls of the fruit and vegetable comprehensive trading area are full of large trucks, which come from all over the country to deliver vegetables and agricultural products to the market, 700 to 800 trucks a day, to increase the supply of vegetables during the Spring Festival.Haikou city vegetable basket Jiangnan agricultural products wholesale market related person in charge, the wholesale market has started the Spring Festival reserve in advance, the average daily intake of food outside the island in more than 1,000 tons of goods, while actively acquiring local dishes.The market has a dynamic reserve of 3,000 tons of vegetables to ensure the purchase demand of citizens during festivals.(after)