Fenghuang County Bureau of Science, Industry and Information Technology: in combination with rural revitalization to carry out anti-drug knowledge prize competition

2022-05-30 0 By

In order to do a good job in drug control prevention education, enhance drug control awareness, popularization of drug control knowledge.38 period, Fenghuang county science and industry information bureau in the village to help the village of The town of Da Cha Village, combined with spring farming production to carry out anti-drug knowledge prize competition, expand the effect of anti-drug propaganda, so that the forbidden shovel poison consciousness deep in the hearts of people.On the same day, the science, Industry and Information Technology Bureau held a mass meeting of party members in Dacha village to launch spring farming production and encourage industrial development. Special attention was paid to the promotion of spring farming production when the masses actively reported against the illegal cultivation of opium poppies, to ensure that the area of poverty alleviation village people live and work in peace and help the construction of beautiful countryside.After the meeting, through the party members and the masses have prize knowledge competition to carry out activities, the publicity atmosphere to create a high, the scene atmosphere is warm, to achieve better publicity effect.