Tongliao Railway Transport Court bailiff Brigade promotes reform with “practice” to help optimize the construction of a law-based business environment

2022-05-29 0 By

On March 28, for promoting “greet the twenty large, optimization under the rule of law to do business and service quality development” the big discussion activity, tgo railway transportation court bailiff group based on the labor of duty, actively organize to carry out the drill of emergency response plans, to promote change, “practice” to raise their skills and help optimize the business environment construction of rule by law.The drill scene is set as: the visitors refuse to cooperate with scanning code registration and want to break into the situation.After entering the security hall, a visitor refused to register for temperature measurement, refused to show health code and travel code, and prepared to break into the litigation site and disturb the normal work order.The police on duty immediately warned them and asked them to cooperate with security registration, but was strongly refused.Police on duty immediately start emergency handling mechanism, through the intercom to emergency handling team report the situation and request support.The emergency response team was instructed to arrive at the scene immediately, successfully controlled the rioters with police equipment, and explained to them the importance of security check and registration during the epidemic prevention and control period and the legal consequences of forcibly entering the litigation site.The drill mainly aimed at the use of equipment, self-protection, coping with the disposal and other contents of the drill, effectively tested the emergency response ability of the judicial police of our hospital, in view of the problems found in the drill to rectify in time, can effectively improve the actual combat force.Next, tgo railway transportation court bailiff group will continue to strengthen and consolidate the combat training, further improve the judicial police emergency ChuTu ability, constantly improving the quality of the judicial police service, give full play to the functions of the judicial police, for the team of political science and law “to meet 20 big, optimization of the rule of law to do business, service guarantee high quality development”.(Shan Dongying)