Timely, fast and orderly!Yongcheng promotes nucleic acid testing efficiently

2022-05-29 0 By

“Anyone who has received COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours should not wait in line for the time being.””Please keep your distance according to the ‘one meter noodle’, do not cut in line or chat, and leave directly through the south exit after sampling.”…On the morning of March 15, the reporter came to the yongcheng Xuefeng street cultural community temporary nucleic acid testing sampling site, community staff are holding a striking red speakers, repeatedly remind nearby residents of various matters needing attention.The site is set up a one-way straight channel “north into south out”, entrances and exits are strictly guarded by staff, to avoid people walking back and forth or staying at the site.The nucleic acid sampling benches are lined up, and the skilled medical staff at the Medical health Group of the downtown hospital can take a sample in a matter of seconds on average.Although the scene of the queue is very long, but each team is divided into sections respectively set up a staff to maintain order, at any time to answer the questions of the masses, to help them solve the problem.At the same time, “green channels” have been set up for special groups such as the elderly, the disabled and pregnant women to further shorten waiting time and improve the speed and safety of nucleic acid testing and sampling.Ding Li, a cadre of the community, told reporters that with the experience of nucleic acid testing last year, all the staff’s resilience and disposal capacity have been improved, and the public’s mentality is more rational and peaceful.In order to avoid the phenomenon of personnel congestion, the community staff prepared in advance, drew a “one meter line” on the site in time, set up a warning line, set up a reasonable channel, guide board and the number of people entering the channel, and connected with the medical and health group of the downtown hospital, so that the medical staff could be fully prepared with epidemic prevention materials.Have learned, in accordance with the requirements for city epidemic prevention and control headquarters, on March 14th night, yongcheng jump-start nucleic acid detection work, in the center of the city people’s hospital, the hospital two health care group, and maternal and child health care, general hospital of shenhuo group, large general hospital for coal group and so on various medical institutions were transferred thousands of medical staff, fanned out all temporary nucleic acid detection sampling points in the city.Medical personnel with various villages and towns (street) works in harmony between staff, police and volunteers to complete information registration, information check all work, order supervision, logistics, etc., to ensure that the entire process of nucleic acid testing samples safe, orderly, efficient, convenient, can in the shortest time in downtown for dry out the outbreak, to guarantee the people life safety and health.