In provinces with “difficult mode” gaokao, students are under great pressure and competition is fierce

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As a major national exam, gaokao attracts the attention of countless families every year. It is also the best way for many students from poor families to change their lives and destiny.And the topic related to the college entrance examination has always been “enduring”.In fact, with the continuous development and progress of the country, the people’s attention to education has been greatly deepened, many families are “lift the whole family” for a student to enter the university, to achieve the goal of life.It is said that nowadays students study hard for twelve years at a cold window, mostly for the final college entrance examination. The status and importance of college entrance examination in China are self-evident.In fact, since the restoration of the college entrance examination system, people’s attention to the college entrance examination has only increased. Everything about the college entrance examination will be brought out, causing heated discussions or disputes.In fact, this has a lot to do with the change of people’s consciousness and progress. After all, education is the foundation of a country’s long-term development.Only when young talents continue to enter the society and the development of the country is always supported by “fresh blood”, can the sustainable progress and development of society and science and technology be guaranteed.College entrance examination for students and parents, is the best way for students to realize their dreams, “carp jump dragon gate”, but also the primary way for the country to cultivate highly educated talents.Therefore, the important position of college entrance examination in Our country is needless to say.In recent years, colleges and universities in China have been expanding their enrollment, and many colleges and universities have been increasing their enrollment life year by year, which has caused some problems while improving the average educational background of the people.The primary problem is due to the continuous expansion of undergraduate enrollment, many undergraduates enter the society every year, the gold content of undergraduate degree is greatly reduced, many students can only study harder, strive to enter more excellent institutions to study, in order to improve their competitive advantage.In fact, this is also the inevitable trend of social development, if you want to improve the per capita education level of a country, the degree “roll-in” is an inevitable thing.02 College entrance Examination “difficult mode” province ranking, students said “very sad” China’s vast territory and abundant resources, so different provinces and regions tend to have different social development status and different policy requirements, projected to the college entrance examination, some areas of the college entrance examination is “simple mode”, some are “difficult mode”.As the birthplace of Confucius culture, The difficulty of the college entrance examination in Shandong province is “nationally famous”.In fact, this is because shandong province has a relatively small number of colleges and universities and a large population base, which leads to a lack of teaching resources and a large number of students.Due to the fierce competition, the difficulty of the shandong college entrance examination is also very large, so students in Shandong can only redouble their efforts, study more difficult knowledge, and strive to stand out in the competition.In addition to Shandong province, Jiangsu province can also be counted as the “difficult mode” of the college entrance examination province. In fact, the examinee population base of Jiangsu province is not too large, and the overall economic development level and scientific and technological development level of Jiangsu Province can be counted as the top in China.However, in Jiangsu province, the examination of the relevant information of the college entrance examination over the years can be seen that the admission rate of jiangsu examinees to key universities is relatively low, only up to 10%.And like Shandong province, jiangsu province’s exam paper is also very difficult, and sometimes it is taught by schools in other regions as “uplifting questions”.In addition to the above two provinces, in the central region of China, Henan province and Hebei Province, the two “brothers” of the college entrance examination difficulty is not small. In fact, the reasons for the difficulties of the college entrance examination in these two provinces and Shandong Province have the feeling of “similar”.All of this is due to the province’s universities and educational resources are very few, so the local examinees want to be admitted to the ideal university, they have to pay more efforts and sweat.The number of examinees who take the college entrance examination in Henan province ranks first in China, which greatly increases the difficulty of the college entrance examination for examinees in Henan Province.How to treat the college entrance examination correctly, so as to keep a good state to the examination?The reason why people pay so much attention to the college entrance examination is that it is the best opportunity for Chinese students to change their lives.And no matter which province or region of the students, should maintain a good attitude to prepare for the examination, should not be overly disturbed by external factors.In a few “college entrance examination difficult mode” provinces of high examinees, should not be discouraged or give up, human potential is like a spring, the greater the pressure, the more will stimulate the potential, after all, human potential is infinite, need to explore their own.With a good mind and a strong heart, there is already one of the first factors for success.Conclusion Keep a good attitude, actively prepare for the exam, students who can do these two points will win at least half, the pace of 2022 has arrived, which proves that the 2022 college entrance examination is getting closer and closer.Here I sincerely wish the 2022 college entrance examination candidates can review smoothly, start a successful journey!Topic of the day: Which province do you think is the “gaokao difficult model”?