Burn again!More than 10 electric cars were burned to the skeleton!

2022-05-29 0 By

Electric vehicles, with its cheap cycling is simple, convenient parking, etc are popular with many families but electric cars bring us convenient while also brought the safe hidden trouble that cannot ignore case a 5 41 on February 24, 226 of nanjing xuanwu borough small who street neighborhood carport, dozens of electric vehicles on fire, a total of burned five electric cars,Two electric bikes and two bicycles were also affected.Case 2 At 18:41 on February 17, at the gate of Shenye Binjiang Peninsula, Gulou District, Nanjing city, a parked electric car burned.Case 3 At 23:12 on February 13, downstairs building 1, Minglong Yaju, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, electric cars parked in the shed caught fire, and more than 10 electric cars were burned to the skeleton.Consumer remind data show that in 2021, the country received a total of nearly 18,000 electric vehicle fire, 57 people died unauthorized modification, expansion of the battery private pull disorderly wire charging, overcharging time is a common cause of electric vehicle fire electric vehicle charging, parking is not a small matter!Please be sure to do the following, according to incomplete statistics electric fire cause person casualties occurred in 90% of cases in the hall, corridors and stairwells etc electric fire 30 seconds to produce large amounts of toxic smoke can cover the whole room is easy to cause casualty if hallway electric fire will block fire evacuation passageway for themselves and their families safety electric car and battery to refuseEnter the building, refuse to enter the elevator!Source: Nanjing Fire Department