To Panzhihua, “peace of mind” walk chengdu-Kunming railway, feel the thick third-line construction era characteristics

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In the past panzhihua in full bloom this season, there are always many people who love panzhihua to Renhe district Da Longtan township 拉 fermented, ornamental in full bloom in jinsha River side that red, 拉 zha fermented also become one of the best places for viewing panzhihua.Today’s Rajfermented not only can still “see flowers”, but also a good place, that is to “walk the railway”.Walking on a section of chengdu-Kunming railway which has been out of service, you can feel the thick atmosphere of the construction period of the third line along the way.This section of railway is “Renhe section of Cheng-Kun railway”, including Razha – flower shanzi section, located in The City of Panzhihua Renhe District Da Longtan township, in the old Cheng-Kun railway Panzhihua south along the section, about 13 kilometers, completed by the construction of the seventh division in 1970.This section of the line was originally under the jurisdiction of Guangtong section of Kunming Railway Bureau Group Co., LTD.After the wudong Hydropower station was completed, this section of the railway ceased operation as a reservoir flooded affected area.After the shutdown, this section of railway will be transferred to Xichang Section of Chengdu Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. for management.In December 2020, sichuan Provincial People’s Government announced the ninth batch of provincial-level cultural relics protection units (supplement) notice, agreed to the department of Culture and Tourism proposed to add 86 revolutionary cultural relics as the ninth batch of provincial-level cultural relics protection units, “Chengdu-Kunming Railway Renhe section” is one of them.The entrance buildings, road signs, road signs and auxiliary buildings of the tunnel are typical architectural styles of the 1960s and 1970s, with important historical and artistic values and characteristics of the third line construction. There are three tunnels with a length of more than 1,000 meters.Hongguang tunnel (1,475 meters in length), Qianjin tunnel (3,523 meters in length) and Hongwei tunnel (3,022 meters in length) are representative tunnels.Red Wei tunnel Red Wei tunnel near La Fermented station, its tunnel mouth side top has a five-pointed star, under the “serve the people” slogan.Hongguang Tunnel hongguang tunnel is located at one end of huashangzi railway station, and there are murals of railway lines and wall carvings of Chairman MAO’s quotations inside the tunnel.Qianjin tunnel qianjin is located at the other end of huafeng Station, about 800 meters away from huafeng Station.Both ends of the tunnel are made of reinforced concrete, about 8 meters high, 6 meters wide and 0.6 meters thick.The columns on both sides of the cave are engraved with quotations from Chairman MAO.There are two five-pointed stars on the top of the column at the kunming end of the qianjin Tunnel, and the Chinese character “Qianjin” is inset in the middle of the column. There are three reliefs of books on it, and the words “Long live the Old three chapters” are written below. The “three chapters”, namely “the old three chapters”, represent chairman MAO’s three articles “In memory of Bethune”, “Serve the People” and “The Old Man Moved the Mountains”.Qianjin tunnel chengdu end of the top of the central cement relief, three red flags surrounded by a golden five-pointed star.The three red flags symbolize the “general Line”, “Great Leap Forward” and “People’s Commune” proposed by the COMMUNIST Party of China in 1958, and are cultural products of the special period.This section of railway is an important material for the study of the construction history of the third line, as well as a precious industrial cultural heritage in China.In Panzhihua city, every February Panzhihua is red, to Rajfermented to see flowers, go to this section of the railway walk, can fully feel the beauty of nature and humanity!