Electronic detonator concept concerns poly united and other companies to respond

2022-05-28 0 By

E company news, electronic detonator concept performance is strong recently, among which Poly United has won eight consecutive plates.A number of companies responded to investors’ questions on the interactive platform.Baiao intelligent: the company provides customers with intelligent digital electronic detonator automatic production line, ignition components automatic detection equipment, digital factory and a complete set of solutions.Xiaocheng technology: electronic detonator control chip is still in the process of testing, has begun to flow.Kailong: Compared with traditional industrial detonators, digital electronic detonators have unique advantages in terms of safety and ease of use.Under the background of vigorously promoting digital electronic detonators, digital electronic detonators are gradually replacing traditional industrial detonators, and their sales are also growing rapidly.Poly United: the company has been in accordance with the national industrial policy, prepared and planned to promote the construction of digital electronic detonator production line and capacity replacement.Tongde chemical: the company does not produce electronic detonators.