Chen He good family, xiao Nian climb ladder stick door couplets late night kitchen cooking, luxury courtyard such as basketball court

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On February 19, Zhang Zixuan posted on social media about her family celebrating the Spring Festival.In the video, Zhang zixuan, wearing a grey hoodie and pink bag, is wearing very light makeup but her features can still be seen when she looks at the camera. She said that her family was celebrating the Small New Year in the north of China and she even took pictures of the family.Which often appeared in the festival’s big platform Chen He, on off-year day to stay at home, he was wearing Bai Sewei clothing collocation black pants, stamped on the red slippers, very happy, but in front of the screen delicate wearing different, obviously privately Chen He home, more and more family, and his daughter is a year of the tiger wear build, especially in the year of the tiger hat under the festival atmosphere is very appropriate.In addition, in the video, Chen He also climbed a ladder to paste the couplet at his door, which was very down-to-earth, but inadvertently exposed his villa. From the video, we can see that his mansion is very luxurious, with a garden as big as a basketball court, which shows that he has very rich financial resources.At the end of the video, Chen He is also shown taking care of his daughter and cooking in the kitchen late at night. He is a good husband and father without any AIRS of celebrity.Despite his busy work schedule, this is not the first time Chen he has appeared in a video to accompany his family. In zhang zixuan’s previous video, Chen He managed his private time well, putting off work to play with his wife and daughter.As a star, Chen He has brought us many excellent film and television works and happiness. As a husband, Chen He has given up most of his work to accompany his wife. He has switched over the two identities well, wishing them more and more happiness and a better career.Picture source network, such as infringement, contact deletion.