Wangjiang traffic police “three measures” sprint late Spring Festival traffic safety management work

2022-05-27 0 By

As workers return to the city and students return to school after the Festival, a new round of passenger transport peak is coming and the traffic flow increases. In order to effectively do a good job of traffic safety management in the later stage of the Spring Festival travel rush, the Traffic police brigade of Wangjiang County Public Security Bureau brings the rural road management into the key control and adopts “three measures” to sprint the traffic management work in the later stage of the Spring Festival travel rush.First, we will strengthen road control in rural areas.Travel increased the mass concentration of rural road patrol efforts, raised the alarm rate, and increasing of drunk driving, three-wheeled vehicles, low speed truck illegal manned, buses, minibuses one investigation dynamics, such as traffic violations of the improving on law enforcement work efficiency, to effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents.Second, strengthen the publicity of traffic safety.For post-holiday rural folk culture activities, more favorable opportunity of school in the school organization into rural areas, along the highway police school, through the development of “the first class” the traffic safety propaganda education, hanging rural traffic safety propaganda prompt slogan, issued a letter “to the county-wide people drivers” publicity materials such as ways to carry out the safety publicity and education,Improve the awareness of traffic safety in rural areas.Third, strengthen communication and coordination.United township, village, “two stations two” traffic safety persuaders, in the key intersection of the township to carry out persuasion activities, dredge traffic, dissuade rural traffic violations, will be hidden in the bud, further consolidate the safety management measures.In the work, the brigade through adhering to the combination of publicity and education and road remediation work, before the traffic illegal driver punishment, the first traffic safety publicity and education for the driver, improve the majority of drivers’ traffic safety awareness, advocate the concept of safe driving, civilized driving, maintain high pressure situation.Thus promote the orderly development of the late work of Spring Festival transport.(Korean Pine)