The number of students who abandoned the 2022 postgraduate examination has reached 19% in some regions.

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The number of applicants for the 2022 national postgraduate examination has reached 4.57 million, setting a new record, according to official data.With the intensification of social competition, many college students cannot find satisfactory jobs after graduation. In order to achieve employment, or to avoid employment, or to dream of scientific research, many undergraduates choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination.Nevertheless, in last few years about the reform of higher education, graduate student no matter enter oneself for an examination or graduate is facing severe test, although individual colleges and universities had undertaken expansion, but also colleges and universities cancelled the recruitment of partial major.As a result, the ratio of competition among students did not change, but increased with the number of applicants.As is known to all, graduate students begin to compete among examinees all over the country, and every student may become a competitor.And in order to be able to obtain victory in the postgraduate entrance examination, many examinees are also mou sufficient strength in learning.But there are also some examinees because of too much pressure to prepare for the exam and choose to abandon the exam, which is also very regrettable.The preliminary test for the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination has concluded, but related topics of discussion have not officially ended.Many undergraduates who plan to take postgraduate examinations are very concerned about the relevant dynamics, especially the difficulty of landing.To know, each graduate student entrance quota is not a lot of, now all of a sudden cancelled more than 9000 examination qualifications, which is enough to show that the examination competition is fierce.Some time ago, Tsinghua University conducted a survey of fresh graduates nationwide. According to incomplete statistics, 76 percent of them plan to take the postgraduate entrance exam after graduation.In recent years, even if colleges and universities expand the scope of enrollment, but it can not meet the needs of students.On the contrary, under the pressure of this environment, many students have chosen to give up.When it comes to how fierce the competition is and how rigorous the exam is, a university in Beijing, for example, rejected more than 9,000 students who did not meet the application requirements in an examination after the registration was completed.To know, each graduate student entrance quota is not a lot of, now all of a sudden cancelled more than 9000 examination qualifications, which is enough to show that the examination competition is fierce.Take an examination of grind a circumstance to look this year, even if have examinee already passed data examination, but there are still many examinees in the process of preparing for an examination of the pressure that does not live to take an examination of the choice machine in succession.Before the initial entrance examination for graduate students, it was reported that there were more than 20 students in the class who applied, but only 3 of them stuck to it.Some say that the person who ends up sitting in the exam has already beaten 20% of the total number of applicants.Recently, provinces and cities also announced the number of students who abandoned their exams for 2022, with shaanxi province, affected by the epidemic, registering 14.31 percent.Guangdong province had the highest number of abusers with about 50,000, or 19 percent.That means that in a room of 30, there will be seven or eight empty seats.Why did you give up in the end when you prepared well for the exam?In the face of so many examinees give up the behavior of the exam, many people also have curious why in the preparation is quite good, immediately to the critical moment but want to give up?To some extent, the postgraduate examination is more important than the college entrance examination, which is an important factor affecting the future development of life.In this exam, colleges and universities can also select more excellent talents through these ways.This not only tests the examinee’s ability to master the study, but also tests the examinee’s psychological state.As the highest degree in China, graduate students naturally have to pass various examinations before they can get the final result.Not only to test students’ learning ability, but also test students’ strain ability, communication ability, ability to resist pressure and so on.It is important to know that not all of the candidates who apply for the exam are doing scientific research.Some students want to avoid employment, some follow their parents’ advice, and some just want to give it a try.For some ordinary students, the elite selection of graduate students may not be suitable for them.At the end: My first reaction was a bit of surprise when I saw the 19% drop rate.If you want to take part in the postgraduate examination, most of the candidates may plan to do so in the second or third year, and you need to pay constant attention to some relevant news.During the preparation period, students become completely independent again, and college life seems to be all about them.Some people say that the postgraduate entrance examination is a lonely journey, and there is nothing wrong with this saying.However, it would be a pity for examinees if they suddenly want to give up the postgraduate entrance examination just before they have made sufficient preparations.Through this matter, also remind everybody is not everybody suits to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind, must consider clearly before deciding, otherwise arrived finally already wasted time to still waste energy.Topic of today: What do you think of the phenomenon that candidates for postgraduate entrance exam abandon the exam just before the exam?Welcome to comment and share.