The new Jeep guide is a heart-warming companion

2022-05-27 0 By

The colder it gets, the more you need to ignite your inner love, with a new, tough guide to help you navigate the wind.The new Jeep Guide is powered by the Active Drive smart all-wheel-drive, allowing you to conquer every road with ease.Intelligent car network support, give you meticulous warm heart care.For those who refuse to shiver in the cold, the new guide gives you the power to get home first.The Jeep New Guide, equipped with a GSE1.3T four-cylinder engine and 9AT transmission, produces a class leading 270Nm torque output, a gold power combination and a smoother power output.Sport mode hypersensitive response, dynamic acceleration.The whole system is equipped with standard engine start-stop system to minimize fuel consumption and emissions.The Active Drive intelligent four-wheel Drive, with rear axle separation technology and low-speed torque amplification function, can seamlessly switch from two-wheel Drive to four-wheel Drive in less than 0.2 seconds in various driving situations. Combined with Selec all-road mode selection system, it not only meets the basic needs of short-distance driving.At the same time for the long journey encountered complex road conditions to provide 4 road conditions selection mode, to ensure a relaxed and comfortable journey.With wisdom and warmth, the Jeep New Guide gives you the warmth of technology.Jeep New Guide is equipped with the new Tencent TAI 3.0 intelligent vehicle connection system, which seamlessly connects the service ecosystem of mobile Internet to users’ business, entertainment, social and other travel scenarios through intelligent voice interactive butler.If you want to get rid of the cold in your car, just say “Hello, Jeep” and wake up the smart system to meet your heating and cooling needs.In addition, Jeep New Guide has added a front seat ventilation feature to improve the air circulation environment between the body and the seat surface, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times.With the heating function of the seat, but also let you “sit” warm, give you the temperature you want.And heat the rearview mirror, refuse to see flowers in the fog, return you a pair of “smart eyes”.It’s cold, but it’s warm with Jeep’s new guide.For cash purchase, you can enjoy 24 periods of 0 interest rate activity from February 18, 2022 to February 19, 2022