The Washington Post highlighted and imagined the sino-Russian joint statement.

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China and Russia issued a joint statement on International Relations and Global Sustainable Development in the New Era on Thursday, which elaborates on bilateral relations and their positions on some global issues, attracting the attention of the world, especially the United States.It is worth noting that the Washington Post published an article on May 5 that not only highlighted the statement, but also “imagined” the so-called “connotation.”The article paid particular attention to the statement’s references to “NATO,” “democracy” and “back-to-back strategic coordination” between China and Russia.The article argues that NATO is the most important part of the statement.”The two sides oppose the expansion of NATO and call on NATO to abandon the ideology of the Cold War era, respect other countries’ sovereignty, security and interests, as well as the diversity of civilizations, history and culture, and view the peaceful development of other countries in an objective and fair manner,” the statement said.According to the Washington Post, this is China’s clear support for Russia’s opposition to NATO’s eastward expansion, and echoes Russia’s previous proposal for a legally binding long-term security guarantee in Europe.The article said China and Russia have reached consensus on reducing western influence, which is mainly reflected in the following two statements: The two sides are opposed to building a closed alliance system in the Asia-Pacific region and creating camp confrontation, and are highly alert to the negative impact of the INDO-Pacific strategy promoted by the US on regional peace and stability.And, the two sides of the United States, Britain, Australia set up a “trilateral security partnership” (AUKUS) especially in the field of nuclear-powered submarines on strategic stability cooperation said serious concern, think with the above actions to ensure the safety of the asia-pacific region and runs counter to the goals of sustainable development, intensify regional arms race danger, pose a serious risk of nuclear proliferation.The two sides strongly condemn similar acts and urge AUKUS member states to strictly fulfill their obligations to prevent nuclear and missile proliferation and maintain regional peace, stability and development.’The interpretation of democracy in the Chinese and Russian statements challenges Western values,’ the article said. ‘This is a strong response to the western countries’ previous groundless attacks.’The statement said that “a country can only be judged by its people” and that “both sides firmly believe that the defence of democracy and human rights should not be used as a tool to pressure other countries.The two sides oppose any country abusing democratic values, interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states on the pretext of safeguarding democracy and human rights, and inciting division and confrontation in the world.The article said these statements reflect the like-minded expectations of China and Russia in the field of ideology.Interestingly, the Washington Post also made some extended “imagination” of the statement, exposing the deviation of western countries, led by the United States, in their understanding of China-Russia relations.According to the Washington Post, the Chinese-Russian joint statement has 5,364 words in English, and not a single word mentions “Ukraine.”Analysts said the omission might reflect China’s stance on Ukraine.There was also no mention of the extent to which China would help relieve pressure on Russia if sanctions were imposed over Ukraine.The article also said that the two countries did not mention “alliance” in the statement, so they were simply looking for a common goal of balancing the West wherever possible.It is obvious that western countries are not used to and do not understand the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia, which is not an ally but rather an ally.As a matter of fact, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has elaborated on the essence of China-Russia relations on many occasions. There is no ceiling on mutual trust, no exclusion zone for strategic cooperation and no end to our everlasting friendship.The two countries regard each other as diplomatic priorities. This is a strategic choice made by the two countries based on their respective long-term development. The fundamental goal is to benefit the two countries and two peoples and safeguard world peace and stability as well as international equity and justice.The two heads of state reiterated that any attempt to harm the interests of China and Russia and drive a wedge between the two countries is doomed to failure, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in an interview with the media Thursday.The express train of China-Russia relations is always on the road. There is no terminal station, only a gas station.Translated: Su Zhan Responsible editor: Shi Wei * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reprint please indicate the source.