On the outskirts of Shenyang, a wild boar ran too fast and crashed into a tree

2022-05-27 0 By

February 6, Shenyang 110 received a call for help from a citizen, said in hunnan district qiwang line near a drainage ditch found an injured wild animal, suspected of wild boar.After receiving the call for help, 110 police officers rushed to the scene together with staff from the Liaoning Jiayuan Wildlife Rescue Center.Through the identification, this is really a wild boar, belonging to the three national protection of wild animals, seems to have eaten toxic food.The wild boar was taken to liaoning Jiayuan Wildlife Rescue Center after being registered at the scene.After a veterinary examination, it was found that the boar was injured after running fast into a tree.According to its condition, veterinarians carried out treatment.Wild protection experts told reporters that in recent years, with the increasing publicity of wild animal protection, the awareness of the public’s conscious participation in the protection of wild animals has been enhanced, so that some of the wild animals left alone because of injury and illness have been rescued and gained new life.Source: Fingertip Shenyang Editor: Han Yu