Mobile phone lost, pay treasure and the money in micro letter did not have?Is the money still safe inside?

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Losing your phone doesn’t just mean that your chats, photos, documents and account information are at risk. In this era of fast payments and electronic cash, your phone has become a substitute for most people’s wallets.Alipay and wechat, which are linked to bank cards, can also pose a great threat to users’ personal property if their phones are lost.First, if I give you my phone directly, can you transfer my money from wechat and Alipay?This is the same as when you pick up a bank card and you can take the money out. Second, even if you are lucky enough to transfer the money in Alipay and wechat, can not the huge Tencent and Ali find the whereabouts of the money?Besides, alipay is insured, you lose money, Alipay is to compensate you, and then you lose the money alipay will certainly find back the third, now alipay and micro channel are real-name registration, you picked up a mobile phone, and know the password, you dare to pick up the money in the mobile phone to you pay alipay inside?Do you think the police are coming back for you? Fourth, you pick up the phone and go to a hacker to unlock it for you. Do you think a regular hacker can unlock it?If ordinary hackers can figure it out, the money inside Alipay and wechat will be stolen.Fifth, it is illegal to pick up money in this society now. After you pick up a mobile phone, do you still dare to transfer the money inside?That you found this money?1. Contact the mobile operator if your mobile phone is lost, call the operator immediately to report the loss and freeze the SIM card!2, frozen bank card mobile phone opened the online banking function of friends, be sure to call the bank in the first time, frozen bank card.In case of id card, bank card and mobile phone lost at the same time, did not do emergency treatment in time, used by lawbreakers, stolen money, the consequences can not be imagined!3, freeze alipay if your mobile phone is bound to Alipay, but also set up a small payment password free function, is equal to your wallet also lost!You should immediately call 95188 Alipay official customer service number to report the case and unbind your mobile phone number from Alipay.Still have a method, login pays treasure account on the computer, freeze account.4. Freeze your wechat account if your wechat is also bound with a bank card, once you lose your phone, log in to Tencent’s security center to freeze your wechat account immediately.Or find another mobile phone or other ways to log in their own wechat account to freeze.5. Change the passwords of all social software such as Weibo, wechat, QQ, email, all kinds of social software, shopping software and video software, and inform friends of the loss of mobile phone in the first time to avoid unnecessary trouble.6, to the mobile phone business hall to replace the mobile phone card although lost, but the mobile phone card can continue to use.Want to take id card to go to business hall to fill one piece to go only.Losing your mobile phone is always an unhappy thing, but it keeps the contact information of all your relatives and friends. If these important information are lost together, you can imagine the feeling of heart blockage.Therefore, we should form a good habit of backing up the mobile phone address book at ordinary times, so as not to worry about losing the contact information of friends when accidents happen.You can use QQ, Baidu cloud disk or wechat to back up.Although it is unlikely to recover the mobile phone, thieves generally belong to gangs in a certain area. The increase in the number of reports can attract the attention of the police and strengthen the maintenance of regional public security.If we’re lucky, we might find the phone.In general, since wechat and Alipay carry payment functions and contain a lot of private data, both Tencent and Alibaba have made great efforts in software security and provided numerous guarantees.Therefore, as long as the phone has the lock screen password, the software has the payment password, and the phone card is reported as lost in the first time, the money in wechat and Alipay will still be safe even if the phone is lost.