Core I7 with RTX3060, does not support standalone direct connection: Acer new Shadow Knight engine

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently 12 generations of core games more and more, do not know which product let you deep impression?If not, some of the best products will be remembered, and some of the most special products will also be remembered, such as Acer Shadow Knight Engine 2022.The laptop is already available for pre-orders, but is already expected to replace last year’s SkyChoice 2 as alternative product of the year.In fact, if you look at the specifications, you will find that it is all right. Why is that?First of all, the notebook is equipped with a Core I7-12700H processor, with 16GB DDR4-3200 ram and 512GB SSD, with a full range of RTX3060 unique display, 140W performance release, the initial pre-sale price is 8,799 yuan, 200 yuan cheaper than some competitors.Acer Shadow Knight Engine 2022 is also available with core I5 and RTX3060 models, starting at RMB 7,699.In addition, there are core I7 with RTX3050, this cost-effective is not recommended.As for the screen, this laptop has a 2.5K resolution screen, 165Hz refresh rate, and a high color gamut screen, which is also the absolute mainstream specification this year.Although still 16:9, but high resolution high refresh rate high gamut are complete, there is no obvious shortcomings.The audio and video system is the selling point that this notebook pays more attention to, this collocation still calculates pretty good.For light pollution, the laptop has a quad keyboard, which is a bit primitive but still makes the grade.In addition, the notebook’s direction key and small keyboard a knife not cut, is quite good selling point.The laptop is also a Killer with wired and wireless cards, which are optimized for games.So what’s the problem with the laptop?You think it’s DDR4 memory?That’s supposed to be a plus.In fact, the biggest problem with this notebook is that it does not support standalone direct connection. The only way to standalone direct connection is to connect to the external monitor — the LAPTOP’s HDMI interface is directly standalone.In contrast, Acer ignored the fact that all existing laptops were selling stand-alone, core, and hybrid 3-mode stand-alone direct connection.Taken together, the absence of such an important selling point could make Acer Shadow Knight engine less competitive compared to other laptops in the same price range.So would you buy this laptop?It might be tempting if the price were much cheaper.But now compared with Asus and Dell, only 200 yuan price difference, seems not enough convincing.