China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) : No IPO restriction policies have been issued for enterprises related to xiaomi industrial chain, and no special investigation has been carried out

2022-05-27 0 By

Three words on March 28, financial news, today, in view of the market rumors regulators to “current kechuang board, the gem in the trial involving the millet production chain project screening, wade millet production chain limited IPO policy”, the securities regulatory commission responded that focus on the part of the media on millet on behalf of the industrial chain of IPO policy has a big change.In this regard, the CSRC made it clear that it did not issue IPO restrictive policies on enterprises related to the Xiaomi industrial chain, nor did it carry out special investigations.The CSRC will adhere to the market-oriented and law-based direction, carry out issuance and listing examination and registration in accordance with laws and regulations, treat all kinds of enterprises fairly in accordance with the law, and ensure the stability of policy expectations.We hope that all parties in the market will not believe or spread rumors, and jointly create and maintain a sound market environment