Spring Festival I on-the-job | escort travel road AnChang Yun ten “line”

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On February 14, China traffic radio news (reporter Fan Hao) Spring Festival transportation on January 17, 2022, hubei transportation high-speed highway han ten team Yun brigade in accordance with the “prevention and control is not loose, ensuring the smooth, safe and orderly” overall request, take good responsibility “part” and do law enforcement “new way”, mining service “idea of gold”,7. Spare no efforts to do a good job in G59 North Expressway yun10 Section Of Spring Festival transportation security and law enforcement services.Relying on the joint construction of “road police and enterprises”, gathering strength on improving the working mechanism of Spring Festival transport.On January 17, the road administration, high police and operation “No. 1” of G59 North Expressway in Yun10 section jointly carried out the Spring Festival transport launching ceremony and The Spring Festival Transport safety and smooth coordination meeting, forming the “joint peak error inspection, effective use of law enforcement resources;Jointly carry out the prevention and treatment of potential safety hazards, scientifically carry out emergency response;A number of work consensus, such as joint information sharing and creating a unified public opinion caliber, has consolidated the guarantee foundation of Spring Festival transport work.On January 22nd, January 28, on February 7, hubei shiyan to blizzard has fallen, ten high-speed Yun ushered in the “when in snow and ice festival” big test, the science group all the law enforcement officers patrol scheduling, night fighting, in conjunction with the shiyan high p, open the maintenance unit each company accountable, fast control, mechanical shovel snow, snow melt operation implementation, promptly eliminate hidden dangers of snow and ice settingThe coinsurance company had a safe journey.During the period, the road police enterprise “all the way three parties” to carry out anti-freeze and anti-skid material inspection 3 times, exchange emergency information 168, joint emergency rescue 5 times, the audience company by 13 people;In the snow situation, the brigade released five key road reports to the foreign media, and delivered two good voices and stories of high road law enforcement services.No large area of congestion and safety accidents.Stand the duty of this industry, in strengthening the law enforcement and supervision of responsibility.January 18, brigade construction management business backbone Zhang Yu organization jurisdiction high maintenance, trading technology and other units to carry out during the Spring Festival transportation construction safety education training, together with the present situation of district construction management, focuses on the construction area is easy to cause safety accident hidden trouble, prevention measures and matters needing attention and key points of construction site layout of watch thrown highway migrant workers and other video case,Strictly implement the construction preparation system, reasonable arrangement of construction plans, improve the safety awareness and standard awareness of construction personnel, to create a safe external environment for the Spring Festival transport law enforcement services to build a “firewall”.During the Spring Festival, Yun ten trucking flow also increased, in accordance with relevant provisions of the latest policy ministries and agencies, bureau transfinite governance, brigade to keep high pressure with sympathetic, stick to overrun propaganda and normalized transfinite governance, performance of the entrance examination three big transportation told matters, called for the cargo owner and driver legal loading, safe driving, reduce overrun overload and other illegal behavior from the source.Based on the work for the masses, in the optimization of law enforcement service image efforts.At 10 am on January 14, on the eve of Spring Festival transportation, han ten team Yun brigade advance transportation bao chang work state, through the police road built by China enterprise confederation, carried out in the ground courtyard tunnel in “escort travel road, northwest of happiness” trill live, wrote to pass highway road administration involves the safety aspects of the legal responsibility, pay attention to more than 1200 people live, thumb up more times,Good response, create a good atmosphere of social public opinion.Taking advantage of the location of the law enforcement service station, under the premise of strict epidemic prevention and safety, the “Warm Winter Operation” service measures, such as boiling water, toilet flushing and short rest under traffic control, were provided to passengers and passengers.We shared resources with charging stations along the line, set up volunteer service desks, carried out the activity of “I do practical things for truck drivers” combined with the actual situation, issued more than 100 leaflets, and effectively answered more than 10 questions.On 9th, the law enforcement personnel of the brigade Zhang Yu, Luo Kun and several policemen of the high police yunyang brigade go deep into the fields along the line, villages, farmhouses, Bridges and tunnels around, carry out the activities of “sending law into the countryside”, issue more than 50 leaflets, answer the building control area, bridge space and other regulations involved 5, post more than 10 pieces of notice,In the laughter and interaction of the villagers, we walked out of the New Year’s new atmosphere, spoke out of the high-speed positive energy, and added a “different” festive atmosphere.Spring Festival of 2022 law enforcement services and security bao chang specific work will be packaged, han ten team Yun brigade will always uphold the “line in half ninety” sense of responsibility, maintain or trying to “solid” state and style of work, firmly in G59 call north highway Yun ten period of Spring Festival transportation job satisfaction questionnaire, start working for the first quarter as actively, provided a solid foundation for good throughout the year.