Sichuan Tianfu New Area takes the lead in launching trans-provincial hukou transfer program for Sichuan and Tibet

2022-05-26 0 By

The original title:”Sichuan tianfu new area first to open the fastening the registered permanent residence migration across the province to do” sichuan tianfu new area first to open the fastening the registered permanent residence migration “across the province to do” chengdu sichuan news network – first screen news on March 30 (reporter Ms. Cheung) on March 26, sichuan province opened fastening the registered permanent residence migration “across the province to do” on the same day, in the tianfu new district public security bureau registration hall,Li, from Lhasa, Xizang province, and his wife completed all the formalities for settling down in tianfu New Area and got a new hukou.This represents that Mr. Li and his wife became the “first person in the province” after the transfer of sichuan and Tibet hukou.Mr. Li and his wife worked in Lhasa for more than 30 years. After their retirement in 2016, they bought a house in Tianfu New Area and began to live in retirement.For several years, I have been thinking of settling down in the new area, but because of “trouble”, my hukou has not been transferred.Recently, we learned that the new district opened the hukou migration “inter-provincial through do” business, and Saturday, Tianfu New District public security bureau card center according to the normal development of “delay service”, all business handled normally, the old couple came to the card center to do settled.The center immediately activated the green channel of “Sichuan-Tibet one-stop acceptance” and handled the hukou migration business for them.”Thank you for your hard work over the weekend and praise for the efficiency of Tianfu New Area!”It is understood that tianfu New Area has opened the “inter-provincial hukou transfer office” in Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou, and the superior authorities have broken through technical barriers to achieve the exchange of household registration information between Sichuan and Tibet, and opened the “inter-provincial hukou transfer office” in Sichuan province.Previously from the Tibet Autonomous Region to Chengdu need to move out of the registered permanent residence in Chengdu first application, and then back to Xizang hukou, finally settled in Chengdu, the opening of the “cross-provincial tongdo” only in Chengdu application can be “one time”, from “run three times” to “run once”, greatly convenient for residents outside the province to handle the registered permanent residence migration business.Not only such, branch of continuously deepening the reform of “pipes”, launch the convenience and benefit of form a complete set of services, set up the “across the province to do” in government affair hall window, one-time transferred to the registered permanent residence migration, further shorten the waiting time;Online through the “Chengdu Public Security Wechat official account”, people can apply for the “inter-provincial registration” related business of hukou migration by mail, to achieve “approval without face-to-face”.Photo provided by Party Working Department of Tianfu New District party Working Committee