Pingyao county will take real-time traffic restrictions and stop booking measures

2022-05-26 0 By

Yellow River News Jinzhong News on February 3, Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. issued a notice:The Spring Festival, pingyao ancient city scenic spot effect driven by “pingyao China year” activities, February 1, 2, daily average reached maximum passenger reservation, in the next days will continue to travel peak, in order to ensure the visit experience, personal safety and reduce the risk of the disease spread, pingyao ancient city scenic area will be depending on the requirement of the limited and the epidemic prevention and control, real-time current limit and stop booking measures,And synchronization in the “ancient city of pingyao scenic spot”, “the official pingyao ancient city scenic spot service platform” WeChat public release information about the current limit, be sure to please attention and make an appointment in advance, such as the destination to make an appointment again, may cause can’t make an appointment and visit, you are advised to arrange, peak, actively cooperate with the scenic area management of epidemic prevention and control work,Jointly create a safe, orderly, happy and peaceful holiday tour environment.[edit: Jinzhong Channel]