Fried carcinogens: Found in many kitchens, are more dangerous than smoking

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Although some food is delicious, but the production process is a bit of torture, such as homemade chili sauce, to put all kinds of spices in the frying pan, and then put chopped chili into the frying, the oil smoke is hot and choking, too exciting!Can not bear it delicious and meal, so many people still like to make their own.But you know what?Cooking is not one or two minutes can end, do the food at least to stay in the kitchen half an hour, exposure to harmful substances more than smoking, benzene and pyrene in the lampblack, formaldehyde, heterocyclic compounds, each is not easy to annoy.We all know that women smoke less than men, but the statistics show that the number of lung cancer cases in women is increasing, and people are trying to stop smoking and stop smoking, but they are ignoring the other place where it is happening, which is the kitchen.The kitchen is the place where women do their best. All kinds of food are served from the kitchen. However, the air environment in the kitchen is worrying, sometimes the PM2.5 concentration measured is dozens to hundreds of times higher than that outside.Staying in such an environment for a long time is worrisome for women’s lung health.Not only that, but many women have a variety of bad cooking habits that they don’t realize are hurting them. If you have one, you need to change it.Although there is a smoking machine at home, but many female friends do not like to use, there are usually three reasons: the first one is that the voice of the lampblack machine is too big, rumbling and particularly noisy, noisy people’s ears uncomfortable and agitated, affecting their mood of cooking.The second is to feel the power of range hood, power consumption, a little reluctant, anyway, the window can also ventilation, are the same.The third is that there is no correct understanding of the harm of lampblack, feel fried a dish, there is no need to open.Under normal circumstances, there will be some noise after the lampblack machine is opened, that is the sound of smoking and exhaust. If the noise is too large, it may be that it has not been installed, or the pipe is too long to exhaust smoke, and it should be repaired as soon as possible.The power of the range hood is not big, and the hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, use once will not consume too much electricity, if you worry about power consumption can be replaced with an energy-saving.Compared with power consumption, what people should care about more is their health, understand the harm of lampblack to lungs, use lampblack machine scientifically, just be responsible for their health.② Like stir-fry, fried food stir-fry out of the vegetables and meat more fragrant, but this habit will also make more carcinogens in the oil pan.The chef in the restaurant is also a fire stir-fry, but also often toss the pot, the outside of the food and beverage we do not comment, their own cooking or to health, hot oil can dish.And there’s a little Fried food, the Chinese New Year is coming soon, believe that many people have started to prepare them to home, Fried meat, Fried spring rolls, and Fried fish, sweet and crisp, this kind of food, though delicious, but also a lot of harmful substances, eat less as far as possible, especially if the bottom sediment more, began to black color, don’t eat it.A study published in The journal Lung Cancer showed that long-term exposure to lampblack increased the risk of Lung Cancer by 3.79 times.Some patients do not believe it when they are diagnosed with lung cancer, saying that they have no bad habits and live a healthy life. However, 60% of them are cooks, and 30% of them are women who often fry food. Moreover, the kitchen environment is very bad when cooking food, which is filled with lampblack and not ventilated in a timely manner.Lampblack enters the respiratory tract through the mouth and nose, hurts the mucosa and lungs, stimulates the eyes and causes pain and itching, and harmful substances will adhere to the skin surface and destroy skin immunity.In the repeated stimulation of carcinogens, chromosomes appear damage, can cause cell canceration finally.In terms of Chinese people’s eating habits, many places are not very healthy, but people have not realized that if you want to reduce the harm of lampblack, you can start from the lampblack machine and ventilation, and you can also start from the cooking habit, such as a lighter diet, control the fire and oil temperature, and shorten the cooking time.[1] Long-term exposure to hot cooking fumes increases the risk of lung cancer![2] Can kitchen lampblack cause lung cancer?Lilac doctor.2020-06-15[3] Why do not smoke lung cancer?Zhong Nanshan newest appeal: kitchen lampblack has not been taken seriously[4] Worse than smoking!This carcinogen, it’s in your kitchen.Watch the news.2021-11-20