Cristiano Ronaldo joins Manchester United’s first team!Rejected three big clubs, personality like Rooney he, what characteristics

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Speaking at a press conference ahead of united’s clash with Middlesbrough, Rangnick said Hannibal would be in the squad for the game.The talented player, who made his united debut last season, was well known for united’s lack of a midfield and many fans expected him to step up to the plate and solve united’s midfield problems.So, what are Hannibal’s technical characteristics?In the summer of 2019, Hannibal turned down offers from Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona and was signed by Manchester United for 10 million euros, a princely sum at the age of 18.Hannibal signed a professional contract with Manchester United in 2021, managed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes. Ronaldo is a great mentor to Hannibal in both the united youth system and the agency system.Hannibal’s position: Centre of midfield An attacking player, Hannibal has played in midfield at number 8 and number 10 for the U23 team and can also play as a left winger.He is a player who needs the ball very much to be effective and many people think of Hannibal as a young Pogba, which he is not.Hannibal is a completely different player from Pogba. A video analyst once called Hannibal a young Gralish after watching United’s UNDER-23 game.Hannibal used to run around the field looking for space.Former Manchester United youth coach Nicky Butt told the Manchester Evening News last year: “The way Hannibal plays is he runs 100 miles an hour, always running up and down looking for position.100 miles is actually 160 kilometers, which Niki Bart exaggerates a bit, but certainly illustrates Hannibal’s technical characteristics: diligent running and no drilling.Hannibal is often series, is not to create space for his teammates the ball, but in order to find the better position onto the ball, he always want to be able to control the football, and then use his dribbling skills, passing ability to create chances, that makes Hannibal in the envelop fight our way out of characteristic, when you surrounded him he has the long ball transfer ability,He has good dribbling skills when you’re not surrounding him.What does Hannibal have to offer Manchester United?United are not short of attacking players up front, but the midfield is the most lacking.In United’s midfield, only Pogba and Bruno Ferdinand can provide creative attack, while Bruno Fernandes is not good at moving the ball forward and Pogba is not good at covering a wide area, which results in united’s ability to get the ball out of the midfield and cover both.Hannibal can control the ball in the middle of the midfield through his excellent ball handling and running ability without the ball. He is most used to kicking the ball from receiving the pass to the central defender and letting his teammates run around him. He chooses the direction of attack and drives the ball directly from the middle to the front.The most common way to do this is to drive with the ball and use his speed and footwork, which has led to Hannibal becoming one of the highest foulers in the U23 league.Of course, dribbling isn’t Hannibal’s only skill. His ability to pass the ball is also a hallmark.He has the ability to move wide with his own long ball under pressure, allowing his team-mates to attack from the wing.Elanga is Hannibal’s favourite left-sided attacker, as he often takes control of the ball from left to right and sends a long ball over the top to the left, allowing elanga to set pace with the opposing full-backs.Such long passes are a test of vision and reading of the game for a midfield player, and with united’s quick attacking wingers on both the left and right, Hannibal’s ability should be used effectively.What’s wrong with Hannibal?Hannibal’s ability to move long passes is very similar to Rooney’s, as is his temper.He has picked up seven red cards and one this season, as well as 14 yellow and one last season.The main reason was that Hannibal was so competitive that he could hardly control his temper.Hannibal, of course, has a looney equivalent of a tongue, and will go after referees whenever fouls are committed, even though he seems to have good reason to complain.Hannibal’s choice of passing, dribbling and pushing isn’t always a logical choice, given his temper and tendency to lose control of himself.In other words, this is an immature player who has the ability to play first-team football, but lacks the experience to deal with complicated situations and the ability to control his emotions and take full control of the pace of the game.However, because of this, he needs more competition training.