Best forecast for the sky in 2022, watch it with your family?

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Hello!In 2022, you will see three meteor showers, a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, and two supermoons.The quadrantid meteor shower, one of the three major meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere, will peak around 4:40 on January 4 this year with a zenith flow of 120 meteors per hour (ideal number of meteors per hour). There is no moon and viewing conditions are good.The sun also reaches its perihelion.On June 14 and July 14, you’ll see the biggest moon of the year on July 14. Remember the Perseid meteor shower?It came again, reaching its maximum on August 13 with a zenith flow of 100 per hour, but the moon’s light pollution made viewing conditions very poor.Are you ready to see the dog eat the sun?On October 25, the western part of China’s Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu and Qinghai provinces will see an eclipse of the sun.On November 8, the eclipse was visible in northeast China and the whole process of the eclipse was visible in other regions.When you watch the Geminid meteor shower, you will see the maximum meteor shower of the year at 21:00 on December 14, with a zenith flow of 150 meteors per hour. This is the biggest meteor shower of the year, and also the last one.You must collect this article so that you can enjoy the gift of nature with your family in time in the future!2022, I hope you are happy and everything goes well.The sun, the moon and the stars, be with you!