The two strongest mixed doubles players of The Chinese table tennis team

2022-05-25 0 By

In Tokyo Olympic Games, The Chinese table tennis team lost the first gold medal of mixed doubles in Olympic history, and became the first table tennis event in which the Chinese team has never won an Olympic gold medal.So will China bring back the mixed doubles title in Paris?Next, let’s look at two of China’s strongest sand mixed team head Sun Yingsha Wang Chuqin combination is the key pair of ping for the Paris Olympics, both of them a left a right, the movement has the very big advantage, two people’s way of play is also very advanced, among them, the Sun Yingsha table tennis technology is the representative figure of boyish, forehand is outstanding,Wang Chuqin’s technology is very comprehensive, forehand lethal strong and calm.Sha Head champion from the record, sha Head combination is also live up to expectations.At last year’s World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, Sha Tou fought their way to the mixed doubles title.I believe that after two years of cooperation and training, they will win back the mixed doubles championship for us.Let’s take a look at another couple.Xu Xin Liu Shiwen xu Xin Liu Shiwen, we are very familiar with, they have a left and a right, has been a horizontal, two people with a very tacit understanding.They have won the gold medal of mixed doubles in the World Championships and the silver medal of mixed doubles in the Olympic Games. In the first race of 2022, they even won the gold medal of mixed doubles through all the way. It can be seen that Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen are in very good condition.I believe xu Xin and Liu Shiwen will make it to the Paris Olympics. Even if they can’t participate, they will help China bring back the mixed doubles champion.This is a kind of inheritance, but also a responsibility.Which pair of players do you think will represent China in Paris Olympic Games?Leave your thoughts in the comments!!Pay attention to building small watch the ball, together for Xinwen combination and sha Head combination cheer!