The iPhone SE3 will be released on March 8 with an incredible starting price

2022-05-25 0 By

As I told you yesterday, the production of the new iPhone SE has already begun, and the launch time is very close, but there is no specific date yet, and news of this came today, according to Mark.According to Gurman, Apple plans to hold its online spring event on March 8, where it will unveil a number of new hardware products, including the iPhone SE3 (as it’s known).So who was Mark Gulman?Why is the industry so sensitive to his news?This guy has a reputation for being extremely accurate in breaking apple news, so it’s highly credible that the iPhone SE3 will appear at Apple’s spring event.I told you yesterday that in order to attract Android users, iPhone SE3 is likely to use bangs, but this is just one of the speculation, in order to limit the cost, Apple is also likely to continue to use the same style of the previous generation SE, that is, to keep the physical fingerprint recognition button, but in this case,The iPhone SE3 would be much less attractive to users, and the price would have to be low enough to sell, which Apple seems to want to do.According to another foreign media news, the iPhone SE3 starting price of $300, according to the latest exchange rate conversion is 1908 yuan, the bank version must add certain taxes, even with 17% value-added tax or other taxes, the price will not exceed 2500 yuan, if the official price and now broke the same,If the A15 chip is added, the soaring cost performance will certainly attract a large number of users, even android users, may be difficult to resist the temptation of such a price.In other news, the 4.7-inch screen will remain the same, there will be a small upgrade to the single lens, the operating memory will be upgraded to 4GB, and since the A15 chip supports 5G, the iPhone SE3 battery will, unsurprisingly, increase in capacity (not too much). Since Apple has never sold an iPhone at such a low price, it’s all about cost.Save where you can, and maybe even just use old iPhone cases.Another possibility is that Apple will come up with a banged version of the SE series for the same price as the SE 2, with the face ID feature heavily emasculated to differentiate the SE 3 from other banged iphones.There will also be ipads, AirPods and macBooks at next month’s spring event, but there won’t be any big surprises with regular updates from the previous generation.If Apple really focuses on the mid-range phone market and starts to play with the price, how will android manufacturers behave? Will you believe that the iPhone SE 3 will be cheaper than 2500 or so?