On February 9th, three pieces of china-related news came to Britain, this time spooking it

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The so-called “30 years on the East”, “30 years on the West”, the UK, which used to be so arrogant that it could throw up a big gun in China, is now so spooked by China’s statement that it can only weakly appeal to China to respect its sovereignty.Prime Minister Johnson and now the UK, not only the epidemic and the economy are in a shambolic state, but also have to recognize the maturity of China’s nuclear power technology and lift restrictions!Britain, once an arrogant country, has long been relegated to the role of the United States, leading and advocating for the United States, but it is getting worse and worse. Let’s take a look at some news about Britain in recent days, two of which are directly related to us.First, China’s statement on the Malvinas islands has left the UK in limbo.Recently, British Foreign Secretary Tony Truss called on China to “respect the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands” on his personal social networking website. What has alarmed Britain?In early February, China and Argentina reached a series of cooperation, including economy, military, energy…”We support Argentina’s legitimate demand for full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and call on the UK to respond positively to Argentina’s legitimate demand and launch dialogue and negotiations at an early date.The Malvinas Islands are the closest to Argentina, and Argentina was the first to discover them, so it is indisputable that they belong to them. However, in modern times, Britain forcibly stole them by force, and Argentina has never given up recaptured them. This is a legacy of the British colonial era, and it is an inevitable trend of history to trace the origin of the islands and return to justice.In fact, China has always supported Argentina’s legitimate claim to the Malvinas Islands and has made many public statements, so why is Britain panting now?The most important thing is that China is becoming stronger and more influential in the world. Argentina is cooperating with China more and more closely and has bought many advanced weapons from China.It should be known that in the battle for falklands in 1982, Although Argentina was not as strong as Britain in terms of military strength, it had the advantage due to its close distance, fast supply and more flexible tactics. However, due to the intervention of the United States, Argentina, which was heavily dependent on Europe and The United States for weapons, suffered a serious shortage of weapons and finally lost to Britain.But now Argentina’s weapons can not rely on Europe and the United States, and has a stable support, and Britain’s strength is increasingly pulling the crotch, if there is another fight, Britain will certainly not be able to take, so the UK is not panic will have a ghost!China’s growing power is also giving many countries around the world new options.Second, China’s independent nuclear power technology hualong One has passed the GENERAL design review of the UK.The foreign secretary’s feeble appeal was accompanied by another piece of china-Uk news, whether or not the two are related.On February 7, the UK’s Nuclear Regulatory Office and the Environment Agency (UNEP) issued a joint statement confirming that China’s indigenous nuclear power technology hualong One has passed the UK’s General design review, paving the way for China to build nuclear power plants in the UK, according to multiple UK media reports.As early as 2016, China General Nuclear Power (CGN), a Chinese nuclear power company, signed an agreement with EDF and the British government to build new nuclear power plants in the UK. However, there has been no substantial progress due to the interference of some Forces in the UK, who are even clamoring to exclude Chinese companies.Now, the UK has publicly recognized China’s independent nuclear technology, which is a key step for Chinese companies to build new nuclear power plants in the UK. If other approvals, such as environmental approval, are obtained, the project can start. However, if the UK intends to interfere with any of them, it will be a disaster.Third, the UK is facing a “cost of living crisis” that has left millions of adults struggling to eat!In our mind, Britain is a developed country with abundant material conditions. If you were told that millions of people in Britain have trouble getting enough to eat, even just one meal a day, what would be your first reaction?Do you think it’s impossible, or just a rumor?But that’s the reality of Britain today!Britain is facing a “cost of living crisis”, with millions of adults going without a single meal in January alone, according to a new survey by a charity.Why are the British now comparing badly with people from some African countries?There are two reasons for this.The first reason is that the UK has long been a dilemma ~ recently shortages, it is because the British to take off the driving a lot of reasons of eastern European Labour shortage of truck drivers to make the English material circulation problems, the other is to say, however, people is iron rice is steel, a don’t eat so hungry panic, food shortages will certainly lead to prices.The second reason is the consequences of soaring gas prices in Europe, which have pushed up heating and electricity bills in Britain.A survey by the Food Foundation, a UK charity, found that one in five British families faced the choice of “eat or heat”.Britain, once an empire on which the sun never sets, is now more and more retrogressive, and it still has the power to follow the United States to throw its weight around the world.