League of Legends: in the history of LPL, how many matches are worthy of the title?

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The LEAGUE of Legends LPL division has been in existence for 10 years since it was launched in 2013.During this decade, many teams have been added and quit in the LPL division, and “numerous matches” have been played in large and small tournaments.So in all these years, so many games, whether active or passive, the effect of the program is full, how many games can be called the canyon’s whole job?During the Spring Festival, let’s have a chat!If you have to choose the LPL arena inside the full live competition, the king of Jon’s first memory is S5 season LPL esports Oscar night.The classic part of this match is that everyone, including LPL officials, knew that IG and LGD were “playing negatively”, but they couldn’t stop it, even LPL officials took it out to “laugh at themselves”, and even had to change the match system later because of this match.Now look at the interpretation of LPL Oscar night: THE EDG of S5 season was extremely dominant, and the loopholes of LPL’s competition system were also obvious at that time.For a variety of reasons, the winner of LGD and IG will face the booming EDG;The loser will face the near-disintegration of OMG, almost walking out the runner-up.As a result, IG and LGD, the two teams, began to Oscar level “double performance”!So we will find that the game, both sides kill up to 86, Wei God trigger drink magic knife passive, not dead, angry slapping table;Under the game, the official commentary clearly knows that these 10 people are acting, but also to try to circle the field;Outside the stadium, all the audience know they are acting, but watch with relish;Finally, Rookie won the MVP and was taken off the court!When the game was over, LGD, the loser, was smiling, while IG, the winner, won with a straight face.IG, who won the game, went to play EDG and was carried 3-0;LGD, who lost, easily won OMG and were carried away by EDG to take second place in the spring competition.In the end, LPL was forced to change the rules for the next season, which was called LOL Esports Oscar night.Second, FPX nakano swap play league second TES if IG and LGD “e-sports Oscar night” is a relatively long story, then S9 season, FPX in the game against TES, FPX Nakano swap play league second TES, under the knife sister and pig sister story, it is worth a look.In the final game between FPX and TES of S9 summer regular season, the first and second place had been assigned before the competition, so in this game, which had nothing to do with the regular season ranking, FPX learned from LES and played “art and flower work”.Not only can it confuse opponents, but it can also be used as a tactical reserve, which passively leads to a 100% win rate for both wild Doinb and medium day.In the first game, Doinb was rocked to fight with scorpion, Tian used sword demon to strike single.In the second inning, FPX will be happy to carry out to the end, nakano continue to swap.Then is this outrageous swap, actually also zero sealed TES (of course, there are also the first two have been set, TES retain the relationship between tactics).”I thought the commentary and TES were fooled, but I was fooled,” Tian said in an interview after the game. “I didn’t know I was going to play middle until three hours ago.”Although EDG has won the S11 world championship, they can do nothing less when EDG’s classic economy is overturned.These accomplished facts, now turn out to say, on the one hand can alarm, on the other hand can see how much progress you EDG these years?If LPL’s “e-sports Oscar night” and nakano swap is in the whole work, then S10 spring season “e-sports pig and dog” war, King of 囧 do not know is the EDG food at that time, or in the whole work.After all, Ssangyong Hui + lead nearly 10K economy, can lose, only EDG.EDG before S11 has a meme like this: when you think EDG doesn’t work, pop, it sticks up;When you think EDG can, wow, he can not;The regular ten thousand economy is turned upside down, this is EDG.Of course, THE EDG of S11 is the hero of LPL.So the final question is, in the LPL division, in addition to the above three games, canyon summoners, how many other games do you think, can be said to be the whole live games?Let’s have a chat!