Every time rise salary, can elementary intermediate rise a bit more advanced rise a bit less?Otherwise the gap would be even bigger

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Years ago, public institutions adjusted salaries, teachers also ushered in their own salary increase, although the amount is not very large, about 300 yuan per capita, but the teachers are also very happy.But some teachers are unhappy to find that the pay gap with senior teachers has widened.It’s very simple. Whenever you get a salary increase, you get the highest salary increase at the senior level, followed by the intermediate level and the lowest salary increase at the junior level.Taking this general salary adjustment as an example, the salary of deputy senior level 7 post will increase by 264 yuan, intermediate level 10 post by 143 yuan, and primary level 12 post by 110 yuan.This does not include salary scale. If we add up the post salary and salary scale salary, we will find that most senior teachers have increased by more than 400 yuan, intermediate teachers by up to 300 yuan, and elementary teachers by up to 200 yuan.Only this time the general adjustment of wages intermediate and senior differences of more than 100 yuan, senior and primary differences of 200 yuan.At present, the most let teachers feel headache is this point, title salary occupies the proportion of total salary is too large, no matter how hard work, as long as the title is not good, the treatment is not good, and the gap with senior teachers will only be bigger, can not be less.Take us here as an example, two teachers of the same teaching age doing the same job, a few years ago, the total salary gap is a few hundred yuan, these years the gap has exceeded 1,000 yuan.At this rate, many teachers say, the pay gap will only widen in the future.Many teachers say: not to mention the abolition of the title, can we first narrow the title salary gap?This is really not fair, I feel there is no hope to fight.First, this kind of salary increase model does not motivate young teachers, no matter how hard they work, the salary will always be the lowest.At present, there are many Buddhist teachers in the school. Many people in the society criticize the teachers, thinking that the professional quality of the teachers today is too poor to be a good example.But who understands the teacher’s difficulties?In the words of some young teachers: Even if I work very hard, what can I do?Anyway, also not on the title, because of the age of many teachers also not on the evaluation?What if I put my heart and soul into education?Many schools don’t even pay for classes, and they don’t get paid a penny more.Our teachers don’t see much hope, so what if they get a raise?Always the least.Originally, the gap with other teachers is not big, but the more the salary gap is bigger, I feel it is better not to increase, so psychological balance is a little bit.In the school, the hardest work is actually our young teachers, because they are young and hard work is basically their own, leaders also take it for granted.But their pay is the lowest and there is no prospect of improvement.Second, teachers also need to achieve common prosperity, especially those working on the front line, and give them the opportunity to raise their salaries.One of the great goals of our socialism is to achieve common prosperity. In fact, school teachers are also needed.Although we have to take care of teachers with high professional titles and young teachers, they can enjoy the highest treatment.But do young teachers also give them a way to get rich?They have low titles and low salaries to begin with.But could they pay more for more classes?Or do they serve as head teachers?Or do they teach more classes?But the truth?Many of the young teachers in these schools are not paid much, even if they teach a lot of classes, and many schools do not even get basic overtime pay.There is almost no way for our teachers to improve their salary, but the salary depends on the professional title, and the professional title salary almost occupies the majority.There can be a gap between professional titles, but it should not be too large. Every salary increase should be for teachers who have the largest proportion of professional titles, not for senior titles.Can there be a gap in title?Can have of course, lost the meaning of professional title otherwise.However, the salary gap between professional titles can not be too large. It is very simple, the title in education is not so high, and the comprehensive quality of senior teachers is not much stronger than that of junior intermediate teachers.So every salary increase should go to teachers with the highest percentage of titles, not senior teachers.Only in this way can the treatment of teachers be greatly improved.Senior teachers, who make up only about 5% of every school, have risen the most. Can they be motivated?In other words, the salary increase should not be based on professional titles, but should be based on the number of teachers with the most professional titles, and the highest salary increase for the people with the most professional titles.Conclusion: In education, the professional title ceiling of most teachers is “intermediate”. Because of the professional title itself, it is destined that most teachers cannot be evaluated as senior. Most of those who can be evaluated as senior are leaders, and only a small proportion of front-line teachers.It is in the best interests of the majority of frontline teachers, not just senior ones, that we should consider wage increases.Hopefully, in the future, the pay gap between professional titles will narrow slowly, not widen further.What do you think about that?Share it too!