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Kenzie Lalonde, a Canadian sports journalist, uploaded a Video of her arrival at the Beijing Winter Olympics village on Twitter with the caption: “Day one, amazing, FOOD coming from the ceiling.The video quickly went viral, offering a glimpse of the “dark technology” going on inside the village.Canadian bobsledder Justin Kripps wrote on Twitter on Jan. 27, “Our first meal at the Beijing Winter Olympics Village was almost as fresh as our new equipment.”Frist meal in the Beijing2022 Village was delicious, almost as fresh as our new kit.Petra Nieminen, a Finnish ice hockey player, has also posted videos on TikTok about accommodations in the village, showing off the rooms the athletes live in while showing off with another athlete a magical dual-use object that folds as a pillow,When unrolled, it’s a blanket to keep out the cold.In the video, the two athletes repeatedly praise the accommodation in the village.Christopher Plys, an American curler, also recently tweeted in favor of the Olympics: “New friend of Chris Olympian Village, not sure what to name it.”Chris’ new Village friend. Wonder what he named his new bud.Part TWO of the Chinese Culture Exhibition!The experience they created for us in the Olympic Village and in the mall was just amazing.China cultural exhibit part 2! It’s pretty amazing the experience they have built within the village and in the mall for us.When Christopher saw jiaolong’s deep-sea simulator, he couldn’t help marveling.Catriona Le May Doan, chef de mission of The Canadian delegation to Beijing 2022, tweeted on Jan. 30: “The speed skating oval in Beijing is spectacular!”The speed skating oval in Beijing is spectacular!Leaders and political leaders also expressed their support and best wishes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Russian President Vladimir Putin said the organizers of the Winter Olympics will ensure the safety of athletes and spectators, and there is every reason to believe that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a splendid and high-level event.Argentine President Alvito Fernandez said in an interview earlier in Buenos Aires that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a world sports event of great importance to the world, and he is honored to participate in it.Tanzanian President Hassan Also expressed his blessing to China for hosting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on his personal social media account.Iranian Foreign Minister Abdullah Al-Shiyan also expressed his best wishes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in Chinese on social media on February 1, saying that he would like to extend his best wishes to the Chinese government and people on the occasion of the Double happiness of the Chinese New Year and the Beijing Winter Olympics.I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a prosperous and prosperous New Year for the Chinese people!The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is an event for the whole world, and hosting the Games in the midst of COVID-19 shows that the world is recovering from the pandemic and looking to the future with enthusiasm, Colombian President Duque said in a recent interview.Malaysian Olympic Committee President Nurzah Said that Beijing is a safe and ideal venue for the Games due to China’s effective prevention and control of COVID-19. He believes Beijing will become an excellent host city and bring a very successful Winter Olympics.Permanent representative of Egypt’s ambassador to the United Nations headquarters abdul also expressed good wishes to the 2022 Beijing Olympics, he wrote on social media: on the occasion of the Spring Festival and the winter Olympic Games in Beijing, my best wishes and support to China, wish the Olympic success, I believe that the Olympics will be like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games successful.The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will start at 8pm on February 4, so get ready for the small benches and national flags to enjoy the visual feast and cheer for the Olympic athletes of all countries.Meanwhile, I wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a success. Let’s cheer for China and the world’s Winter Olympic athletes!Together to the future!Editor in charge: Zhang Shuang