There is a responsibility to stick to it

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“Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.”For most people, Spring Festival represents reunion on New Year’s Eve, which means warmth and joy.For chemical manufacturers, the Spring Festival means commitment and responsibility.In the morning of February 2nd, Chen Fenghui, operator of acetaldehyde workshop of Jilin Petrochemical Calcium carbide Plant, arrived at his production post early, put on his safety helmet and labor protection articles carefully, and entered the chemical plant area to start the operation and maintenance of the plant for a day.The factory is full of Chinese New Year flavor everywhere, and there is a big red “fu” on the door of the operation room, implying peace and prosperity.”Chemical plant is continuous operation plant, Chinese New Year is no exception.When it comes to the New Year, the first thing THAT comes to mind is to guard our posts and have a safe New Year.”The “continuous rotation” in the post made him, who was already careful, constantly remind himself to be serious, serious, serious, careful, fine inspection, accurate operation, to ensure that the device “stable and excellent” operation.”With the Spring Festival holiday coming, work safety is particularly important.In order to ensure the comprehensive control of production safety, we should focus on small things and start with details to eliminate potential safety hazards and eliminate habitual violations.”Morning shift, monitor Zhang Xiaodong conveyed the factory during the Spring Festival safety production requirements, he is in mind.Reporters follow the footsteps of Chen Fenghui, came to him on the day of the inspection station, acetaldehyde unit 6 P – 201 – a former pump, he seriously look at the line pressure, connection pipe flange, carefully observe the details of each place, large chemical plant in front of him like clocks and watches of precision parts, the reporter still dare not to bother, Chen Fenghui side operation, the part explains,”Chemical operation is the more dry, the less courage, this is to maintain the awe of safe production, only rigorous and careful, in order to firmly grasp the safety, spend a safe and peaceful reunion of the Spring Festival.”Chen Fenghui has worked in acetaldehyde workshop for more than 20 years. He will remember the valve position under different loads when overseeing the plate. He will carefully observe the changes of each place when inspecting, and he will standardize every action when operating.Just a few days before the Chinese New Year, Chen Fenghui inspected the acetaldehyde unit closed room on the third floor, suddenly smelled a slight smell of acid.”There may be a leak!”He thought about it, and then confirmed the surrounding equipment and pipelines one by one, and found that there were precipitates on the surface of the catalyst circulation tube at the bottom of the defoamer.Due to the timely discovery, the factory took decisive measures to quickly control the leak point.For this, he received no. 1 factory director citation order, let him become the factory by everyone sought after “net red”.”I can’t remember how many times I have spent the New Year at my post. In order to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of the production device, AS a chemical engineer, I will keep my promise and stick to it.”All media reporter of Jilin Daily: Liu Shanshan