Take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in the Legend of Zelda series

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Every player will come across their favorite game in their life, the game that changed them the most, and often think of the time when they were free to play in that world.For me, this game is the Legend of Zelda series, and no matter how much time has passed, I still love the world there, and I will always remember how I felt when I first saw it.The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Zelda: the Legend of Zelda: the Legend of ZeldaIn “Triangle of Gods”, Link has to face a vast number of enemies on the land of Hailar, the system does not give the player much direction, everything is up to the player to explore hailar land.And when you almost think that this world is about to come to the end of the exploration, suddenly, Link turned into a rabbit and came to the inner world of Hailar continent, the enemy of the inner world is more ferocious than the outer world, the size of the map directly doubled, that moment is really shocking.The legend of Zelda: Dream of island in “dream of island”, the most happy is the dream of the lake Lin island, there are too many magical things on the island, in the process of playing small players seem to follow link to do a dream.We seem to be brave, but after finishing the customs, we found that we are the devil to the people on the island. At the end of the story, the fish of the wind woke up, but The Lake Lin Island disappeared, and the journey of the players also ended. It’s a pity that the dream in reality is as short as the dream in the game.The Legend of Zelda:When the flute in the flute at the time of the most striking me forever is the first time out of the middle of the cork in seeing massive hailar mainland at that moment, although limited to technology unavoidably some empty at that time, but the great plains, exchange and free to explore the world day and night left a deep impression on me, the moment I am also really feel that the game has a unique charm.It’s no different than when Link comes out of the cave and looks into the distance in Breath of the Wild.Legend of zelda: gilardino’s face mask, in the “mu gilardino’s persona” players need in cycle 3 days to lift the world crisis, but we need to have a side quests in the three days from the beginning to the end always follow their story process, finally solve their troubles, this is the series of one of the most famous side quests: Ann whom he love and Garfield.Only by following them for 3 days, finishing all the tasks and helping them get together before the world ends will I know what it is like to see them embrace each other in love before the world ends, I can’t help but shed tears.In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the endless sea is my favorite, a small wand waving, the wind, the sail raised, listening to the music around the sea to find treasure is the most impressive impression of this game.What I remember most about Twilight Princess is not link’s Wolf fight, not his handsome fight, but the moment at the end when Midona breaks the mirror that connects the world of light and the world of dusk, which means Link will never see his best friend again.”Link, don’t forget there’s another world.”In other words, Link’s friends always choose to leave at the last moment: Midona so, sword Lingfi so, Na Wei so, the small cap teacher so……It also means that the journey will come to an end, and you may not have any friends to accompany you through life.Legend of zelda: the whistle of the earth, in “the whistle of the earth” link, or the cat’s eye link, but don’t sail to open a small train, what impressed me the most natural is the journey to explore all the way along the railway, and this time the link partners but the princess zelda, along the way will not be boring to be lonely.The Legend of Zelda:Skyward sword in the sword of the sky, and the memories of the court, birds fly together is very good, but I the deepest impression is childhood friends zelda (this time is not the princess) in order to make the link can master the angel sword seals the end, to link with the strength of his body the goddess of the master of the sword on the ultimate blessing, and then into endless sleeping in the crystal.At the beginning, Link felt very painful when he saw Zelda sleeping in the crystal. Then his eyes became firm and he vowed to seal the emissary and rescue Zelda. Link was really handsome at that moment, and he was the eternal male god in my heart.Legend of zelda: the breath of the desert “the breath of the desert,” is too classic, impressive place is really too much, as I am concerned, is probably a raft down the river when suddenly saw the brontosaurus scene in the sky, the moment is so shocked, I can’t describe my heart admiration for the game.Some of the zelda games I haven’t mentioned above are not bad, they’re just a little hazy, and for these games, the most memorable moments are just my opinion, which may not be what you think they are.I can’t see a Zelda screen or hear a familiar piece of music without thinking about how I was free to explore the land, the sea and the sky. I wonder if you are like me.If so, feel free to leave your zelda story in the comments section. Thank you for supporting the author!