Pilots and ships are required to hold a license

2022-05-24 0 By

“Anyone who drives a motor ship must hold a license.”Prosecutors from the public interest litigation department of dongshan County Procuratorate in Fujian province recently paid a return visit and found that the phenomenon of driving motor vessels at sea without a license has significantly improved.On June 2, 2021, Huang caught seafood illegally during the fishing ban, and was transferred to review and prosecute according to law.On November 4, the Dongshan County Procuratorate prosecuted the case, the court sentenced Huang mou to four months detention for the crime of illegal fishing aquatic products, suspended for six months, and ordered its compensation for the loss of fishery resources and ecological losses.After the verdict of the case, the prosecutor of Public interest litigation of Dongshan County Procuratorate continued to dig into the source of the case and found that the ship involved was a motor ship, but the ship was not approved by relevant departments as a ship used for offshore operations, and it was an unlicensed ship. Huang also did not obtain relevant documents for driving the ship, and it was unlicensed.Zhangzhou city is a big ocean city, and there are many sea-related counties and districts. The phenomenon of motor ships without licenses and drivers without licenses is a great hidden danger to the safety of Marine ecology and people’s life and property.Therefore, dongshan County Procuratorate issued a procuratorial suggestion to Dongshan Station of Zhangzhou Marine Police Bureau, requiring relevant maritime law enforcement departments to take the initiative to fulfill their duties in accordance with the law.Dongshan Station of Zhangzhou Maritime Police Bureau immediately filed a case against the person suspected of driving the motor ship without a license after receiving the procuratorial suggestion, and detained the motor ship involved. Meanwhile, it began to investigate the situation of the motor ship without a license and the driver without a license in Dongshan County, and took the initiative to communicate with the procuratorial organ.In view of the large mobile range of motor vessels, multiple regulatory departments, difficult classification, and the relatively weak awareness of the rule of law among the masses, it is difficult to solve the problem by relying on the “single-soldier operation” of the coast guard workstation.Therefore, dongshan county people’s procuratorate timely follow-up supervision and promoting, held special led by the coast guard station, maritime, patrol, oceanic &fishery administration law enforcement, the villages and towns of ship management and other related departments to participate in the consultation, round table to translate the work according to jurisdiction respectively to specifically responsible for unit, division of labor security, mix,And guide the requirements of the county’s waters without a license to drive motor ship behavior and without a license motor ship investigation, set up a file.At present, relevant work has started verification, investigation, registration and other procedures in accordance with legal procedures, and relevant departments have issued a circular requiring those without documents to register in their jurisdiction in a timely manner.At present, six motor ships involved in criminal cases have been dismantled by law enforcement authorities, and those involved have been punished accordingly.(Source: Procuratorial Daily by Hwang Hee-jo)