Elantra limited time discount 5000 yuan welcome test drive

2022-05-23 0 By

Dongguan Yongyi Beijing Hyundai Elantra car sales, color optional.Cash purchase part of the models in Dongguan Yongyi Beijing Hyundai 4S shop discount, price to force, multiple car gift waiting for you!Upon arrival, a professional sales consultant will tell you the parameters of the vehicle and the purchase policy in detail.Let you buy peace of mind, buy at ease, with peace of mind!The store offers many, the model is complete, the procedure is simple, can take a test drive, into the store to buy a car to enjoy ten luxury gifts: ① : to the store turntable lottery to receive 2000 yuan car coupons!(2) : Purchase car enjoy lifelong free maintenance, designated models additional full insurance!③ : to the shop to buy Tucson L, Elante at the end of the crazy concession special limited to 20 sets!(4) : free second-hand car evaluation, successful replacement can enjoy 20000 yuan subsidy!⑤ : old customers to introduce new customers to buy a successful car to send 1000 yuan oil card!⑥ : If you buy a car, you can participate in the lucky draw to win refrigerators, televisions and other home appliances gift!⑦ : the tenth generation of sonata, new IX35 models, replacement government subsidies 3000 yuan!⑧ : medical staff, police and other special industries extra discount to up to 3000 yuan!⑨ : 3 years zero interest, low down payment, low monthly payment for a variety of financial options for you to choose!⑩ : MPV Kustu 169,800 to 218,800, enjoy the five happiness of travel and enjoy the courtesy of car purchase.Refresh gift: can enjoy high replacement subsidy of 8000 yuan;Free of warranty: life-long free basic maintenance (only for the first car owner);Peace of mind: full vehicle warranty service, 24 hours free road rescue service;Care gift: Bluelink service for 5 years unlimited flow, exclusive butler service, free after-sale pickup and delivery service.Interested friends can go to the shop consultation to buy, we wholeheartedly for your service!Dongguan Yongyi Beijing Modern 4S shop look forward to your visit!Promotion time from February 20, 2022 to February 20, 2022 preferential conditions on the store insurance, the store brand Elantra latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Dongguan quoted 240TGDi DCTTOP Flagship Edition 141,800 yuan 133,800 yuan 128,800 yuan 1.5L CVT GLS Leading edition 99,800 yuan 94,800 yuan 1.5L CVTGLX Elite Edition 1.5L CVT LUX Premium Edition 123,800 0500 118,800 240TGDi DCTGLX Elite Edition 123,800 yuan, 500 yuan, 118,800 yuan