Dongying District: Xindian street demolition illegal construction to optimize the living environment

2022-05-23 0 By

On March 17, amid the roar of machines, an illegal construction was demolished west of Xindianjie Xiwu Road.Since the implementation of the urban environment centralized remediation action, Xindian street “heavy fist, under the fierce medicine”, up and down the joint demolition of illegal construction.The removal of illegal construction is an important content of urban environmental remediation. Illegal construction not only affects the appearance of the city, but also has certain security risks, which restricts urban construction and development.In the work, Xindian street actively promote the area of illegal construction demolition work, cohesion to achieve a new breakthrough.”Before the demolition of illegal construction, our street law enforcement personnel many times to do the ideological work of the parties, the popularization of legal knowledge related to publicity, and issued rectification documents, and promote harmonious dismantling.”Street about staff introduction.Xidian Street organically combines the demolition, violation and demolition with the key projects of upgrading and reconstruction undertaken by the street, actively cooperate with the Comprehensive Administrative law Enforcement Bureau of Dongying District to investigate the construction involved in the project through aerial photography, household entry and other ways, and communicate with the masses.For new illegal construction, the streets strengthen responsibility, resolutely curb illegal and disorderly construction.Recently, xindian street law enforcement squadron united Dongying district comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau and other relevant departments, the organization of machinery and personnel on the north two road north, west five road west illegal construction demolition, demolition of new illegal construction 1200 square meters.Streets according to the requirements of the urban environment renovation focus crucial work, law enforcement squadron in zibo, sheng tai road, liaocheng road, heze road, XiWu Road along as the key point, strengthen the neo-treasure hill renovation of key area and the surrounding area, so far, a total of demolition of all kinds of illegal construction of more than 2000 square meters, has formed against will split, is against will cure thick atmosphere, greatly improve the urban environment.Urban environmental improvement is a tough battle, but also a protracted battle.In order to win the battle, Xindian street to make full efforts, under the real effort, continue to further promote the special renovation work, do real work to do the urban environment renovation work, constantly optimize the urban environment, for residents to create a comfortable living atmosphere.