Fear son when traitors, mother rice poison son, son treason after the mother hanged herself

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“September 18” incident the next day, Liaoning provincial government chairman Zang Shiyi was under house arrest by the Japanese army.At their parting, his mother repeatedly told him not to be a traitor.Looking out of the mother, Zang Shiyi heart anti-japanese belief seems to be a bit more.In order to free her imprisoned son, Zang’s mother tried all in vain.Worried that her son had defected to the enemy and become a traitor, she decided to give up her son for the country.So Zuckerman’s mother cooked some delicious food and sent it to her son.At this time Zang Shiyi is on a hunger strike to protest the Atrocities of the Japanese army, express their anger against China.Knowing that it was my mother who had brought the food, I ate some.At the bottom of the rice bowl, he found “cigarette paste”. He did not know that this was his mother’s hint of “martyrdom”.For a moment, however, he hesitated.Finally, the bowl was sent back with poison in it.Looking at the “poisonous rice” sent back by her son, Zang mother knew what her son was thinking.Speaking of Zang Shiyi, the total can not open fengjun.In fengjun, Zang Shiyi is absolutely one of the core figures.He made a fortune in the humble, but has been sun Lichen, Zhang Zuolin recognition.From then on, the weight in fengjun is getting heavier and heavier.Zang Shiyi this person, wentaowu are skilled.Feng’s army was not short of men who could lead troops to fight, but few generals who could govern the whole country, and he was one of them.At that time, Zhang Zuolin can be said to be no two, not only occupied Beijing, but also lived in Zhongnanhai.But he is still worried about the situation in the northeast, and will “keep home” this responsibility to Zang Shiyi.After the transfer back to Shenyang, Zang Shiyi did not disappoint Zhang Zuolin’s trust, will rear in perfect order.After the Huanggutun incident, the situation in northeast China was treacherous, and Shenyang, Liaoning, was in the center of the whirlpool.Zang Shiyi has displayed excellent political skill in a situation where the slightest mismanagement could have led to chaos.Secretly do not send funeral, secretly inform Zhang Xueliang.In this way, Zang Shiyi won zhang Xueliang’s appreciation again with his excellent political skills.After the Huanggutun incident, he rose through the ranks to become chairman of the Liaoning provincial government.From behind the scenes to the stage, from staff to local leaders, Zang Shiyi is in the northeast army political is a firm foothold.After the Huanggutun incident, Zhang Xueliang completely abandoned the three northeastern provinces under the “policy of non-resistance” of Chiang kai-shek.At this time, most people choose to escape from the northeast, to escape the disaster.A lot of people advised Zang Shiyi, let it go together.Zang Shiyi stayed in Shenyang on the grounds that “as the chairman of the Liaoning Provincial government, he could not leave.”Soon, Zang Shiyi residence was surrounded, he was also taken away by the Japanese army.At this time zang Shiyi still had the heart to serve the country, and “hunger strike” to protest against the atrocities of the Japanese army, which is the beginning of the story — Zang mother “poisoning failed” scene.For three months, the Japanese tried to persuade him several times.The Japanese did not give up, even though they went home disappointed every time.The reason is so, all because the Japanese are in urgent need of a town to live field “puppet”.”9 · 18″ after the event, the Japanese army never expected things to progress so smoothly.Thought to fight a hard battle with the Northeast army, did not think the opponent did not fight and retreat, shenyang will give way.Shenyang as the political and economic center of northeast China, of course, the Japanese army wanted to control it completely.If the Japanese were in charge of Shenyang, the fact of “invasion” would be completely confirmed.This gives the international community an excuse.For this reason, the Japanese army decided to support puppets in local administration, so as to achieve the purpose of “aggression” and avoid international criticism.Although at this time shenyang various departments have a lot of traitors have been supported up, but always lack a can let the public to convince the figure out thoroughly cover up the FIG leaf.Zang Shiyi is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate.Fame, have;Be able to;Status, more.The defection of the chairman of the Liaoning provincial government would have an unexpected effect on both public confidence and international opinion.But Zang Shiyi soft and hard do not eat, forcibly carried for three months.The outside world thought zang Shiyi would die bite not to loosen his mouth, but did not think at this time his heart has become loose.For months, Zang Shiyi has been pondering whether to vote or not.Surrender and be branded a traitor;He who does not surrender will die for his country.At first, he thought of martyrdom for his country, but later he abandoned it.Especially in early December 1931, the Japanese senior staff again advised.It refers to Chiang’s “policy of non-resistance”. Why would he work for Chiang if he did not care about the people?A word, let Zang Shiyi fell into silence.When facing the fear of death, Zang Shiyi could not take it calmly.And he was afraid, and bowed down.Zang Shiyi became a complete traitor when he signed the words “I agree with today’s talk” on the contract with the words “army”.However, a planned thing, but let Zang Shiyi did not expect.In mid-December 1931, Zang Shiyi suddenly telephoned and announced his appointment as the governor of the puppet Mukden Province, claiming that he did not recognize the Liaoning Provincial government set up by Zhang Xueliang in Jinzhou.Hearing the news, Zang’s mother was extremely sad.Think and at the beginning of poisoning, failed to keep his son’s reputation, let it do traitors, all the more indignation.He hanged himself and died for his country.Zang mother festival, let a person move.On December 13, Zang Shiyi returned home as a free man.Look at the house full mess, read and hanging suicide mother, his heart more than silk sadness.But Zang Shiyi or head also did not return to join the traitors team.From this pseudo fengtian province government runs formally finally, and as zang Shiyi’s arrival, “bigger plot” also quietly open.At that time, the Kwantung Army was committed to propagandising the invasion as a just deed, and called it “helping the Manchurians end the rule of the old warlord Zhang Xueliang”.Zang Shiyi did not hold the puppet Mukden chairman, liaoning province’s government affairs and military affairs are almost by the Japanese, and some famous traitors control, the people naturally understand that this is naked aggression.Until Zang Shiyi came, the situation became different.As one of the military and political officials in the three northeastern provinces and the former chairman of the Liaoning provincial government, his comeback actually made the people feel that the original was only Zhang Xueliang was driven away, the Japanese also had no real power, and now the Liaoning Provincial government has come back.However, this is not the ultimate goal of the Japanese army, what it really wants is to establish the Puppet Manchukuo.Simply propping up the pro-Japanese regime has never been easy.It is a long-term plan to establish the Puppet Manchukuo and make it part of Japanese territory.This plan will undoubtedly separate the three northeastern provinces completely.Zang Shiyi did not know the consequences of doing so, but now in the betrayal of the road further and further, he had no way back.For the present, but to echo the Japanese army, seeking “greater interests”.As for the impending secession of the three northeastern provinces, he was merely a tool for promotion.Soon, the “founding conference” was held in the puppet Mukden Provincial Office.Nominally, Zang Shiyi, Ma Zhanshan and other four people discussed the establishment of manchukuo, in fact, the Japanese army directed from the performance.No matter how many people in the meeting put forward any opinions, in fact, in the end have to listen to the Japanese army.Although the establishment of the Puppet Manchukuo had little to do with the decision of Zang Shiyi and others, the participation of several people actually promoted the establishment of the Puppet Manchukuo.Without the support of these traitors, how could the Japanese army be so happy in Chinese territory?Just like this, Zang Shiyi was highly respected by the Japanese army.The so-called “heavy”, that is, the role of a big point, the use of more.In a sense, the Japanese at that time zang Shiyi and others in the eye.It is not difficult to see from zang Shiyi’s situation, since when the puppet Mukden chairman, he surface scenery no two, the Japanese will be regarded as a guest of honor, traitors as he is the backbone, only he knows the helpless at this time.In the puppet Mukden office, it was Akiko Kanai (Japanese), a consultant, who had the most effective voice.He’s a puppet. He’s completely invisible.For this matter, Zang Shiyi talked with the Japanese army countless times.Even so, the Japanese didn’t take such a muppet seriously.In the past, the chairman of the Liaoning Provincial government, who called the wind and called the rain in the three northeastern provinces, had become a “dog” of the Japanese army.Even so, he had to live with it.From the moment he signed the deed, it was a sign that he would have to go black.Did he think about turning his back, or anything else, in the process?Actually, there was.From the beginning of zang Shiyi’s imprisonment, it is not difficult to see that he did have the integrity of “rather die than surrender”.Even after he became the governor of Mukden province, he thought about “recovering northeast China”.At the beginning of the establishment of the Puppet Manchukuo, Zang Shiyi tried to block the implementation of this plan for many times, and secretly sent a letter to Zhang Xueliang to express his determination to be an internal partner.But At this time Zhang Xueliang subject to Lao Jiang, this plan did not come true.Since then, Zang Shiyi never abandoned the idea of turning to the bright side, but tried his best to fight for power and profit for himself.However, in the struggle for power, Zang Shiyi lost favor.Since his defection, he has cooperated almost entirely with the Japanese army.But he often felt oppressed and helpless, and one day he could not bear it.It was at the end of December 1934 that Zang Shiyi visited Japan.After arriving in Japan, zang Shiyi received unprecedented preferential treatment. Compared with the domineer and tyrantness of the Kwantung Army in China, zang Shiyi had an illusion that the Japanese government was friendly and different from the Kwantung Army.Therefore, he repeatedly stated the problems existing in the Puppet Manchukuo during his visit, saying that “the Kwantung Army did not trust the Manchukuo people and was always on guard against them.”This speech is a thorough explanation of Japan’s policy of controlling the Puppet Manchukuo.From the very beginning, the Japanese army never thought of letting the Chinese manage manchukuo, which would eventually be replaced by the Japanese when it developed to a certain extent.Zang Shiyi this speech, lit the Japanese most sensitive nerve.Not only that, Zang Shiyi this words also ferment in the international, many countries have condemned Japan’s injustice.From then on, Zang Shiyi gradually fell out of favor.Fortunately, Zang Shiyi obedient past, in the eyes of the traitors and Japanese also some prestige, the Japanese is not good to do too much, gave him a “senate house speaker” position.The Consultancies of the Emperor.In feudal times, the council house had great power.But to the puppet Manchukuo, the council house is to fool the underling.At this time the puppet Manchukuo emperor Puyi himself is the biggest puppet, was pushed to the front of the Japanese to the world.As for the affairs of the Puppet Manchukuo, the Japanese army was in charge of them all.When the emperor can’t decide, doesn’t the Senate exist?The president of the Senate became a figurehead.Zang Shiyi thus fade out of the puppet Manchukuo right center, end up in leisure.Although the Puppet manchukuo was a puppet regime supported by the Japanese, for the people of the puppet Manchukuo, they would only recognize the political orders of the puppet Manchukuo.Without this FIG leaf, the Japanese army could not carry out acts of aggression.Thus, the puppeteer is “a knife”.All the decrees of the Japanese army were issued to the bottom people through the hands of such traitors as Zang Shiyi, making the people suffer.Their crimes were no less criminal than those of the invaders.In 1945, the collapse of the “Manchukuo”, Zang Shiyi and others without the Support of the Japanese army, and hope to be able to “self-help” way, regain control of the three northeastern provinces, was eventually arrested by the Soviet Army, extradited to return to The fushun war criminals in the management office.On November 13, 1956, he died of illness in the administrative office at the age of 71.Like most war criminals, he finally realized his mistake.However, it was too late, and zang mother committed suicide compared to the festival, Zang Shiyi has been nailed on the column of shame.