Detailed establishment of control ledger, Wuyang North Wudu town ganqun together to fight the epidemic

2022-05-22 0 By

Dahe Daily yuyu video reporter Liu Guangchao correspondent Mingqi Shuaipeng Chen Hongjie “for days, the North Wudu town Party committee made full use of the party member grid management mechanism, the town’s majority of party members and cadres sink to the front line, stick to the front line, mobilize the masses to do a good job of protection, concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, resolutely win the war of resistance.”On the morning of April 4, Wang Xudong, secretary of the Party Committee of North Wudu Town, Wuyang County, said vigorously.Work, the town strictly implement the “normal visit + trawl screening + GuoShaiZi review” work mechanism, the town party group members take the lead in organizing the masses of party members and cadres from door once carried out in-depth streets village visit check, follow-up visit, comprehensive information collection and passengers within the grid, especially in Shanghai, minzhu, jilin and other high risk area home personnel information,Establish control ledger in detail to ensure clear base, clear situation and accurate data.According to the principle of recognition duty proportional amount, responsibility to the people, the town has more than 600 party members at home precision into jurisdiction 20 in a grid, strictly enforce the villages bayonet “five one” prevention and control measures and access control, 24 hours on duty unattended, “Saul code” registration, publicity and education, cleaning, disinfection, social stability, etc, the town party secretary wang xudong is a hard to visit home quarantine personnel,To check the implementation of the “five packs for one” policy, the team members took the lead in carrying out epidemic prevention propaganda and checkpoint duty, ensuring the effective and orderly implementation of epidemic prevention and control work.In order to do the actual work of the masses, the town through the “online + offline” combination of publicity, publicity and prevention of the epidemic knowledge.Online, more than 300 pieces of information on epidemic prevention and control were updated dynamically in real time by making full use of platforms such as Tiktok, wechat groups and Moments of friends.Offline, the government has vigorously publicized the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control through the distribution of publicity materials, mobile publicity vehicles and radio broadcasts. Currently, more than 600 banners have been hung and posted, and more than 10,000 copies of publicity materials and epidemic prevention and control notices have been distributed.There is no trivial matter among the masses.The town party members and cadres put the safety in every moment of the day is the most important position, pay close attention to the disease development, possible impact within the grid on social security, production safety, fire safety, sanitation, disputes such as a risk for continuous screening, successively in situ disposal of small hidden trouble, small problem, dissolve the small neighborhood contradiction, disputes and so on more than 40.