Too stubborn!Li Xiaopeng insisted on letting him start, resulting in losing two goals: eyes defense + standing still

2022-05-21 0 By

China football team can’t even kick Vietnam?The two sides played again, the Chinese football team lost two goals in the opening 16 minutes this time, but fell behind.And the new head coach Li Xiaopeng’s employment controversy, he insisted on wang Shenchao’s first appearance, the result of the national football team’s defense was a problem.Wang Shenchao and others appear eyes defense, resulting in the National football team lost two goals.Wang was instrumental in Vietnam’s two attacks and was criticised for his attitude on the pitch.Li Xiaopeng insisted to let him start, this time suffered from the pain, 0-2 down at half time, the National football team played a disappointing performance on the first day of the New Year.In order to be able to beat Vietnam, Li Xiaopeng can be said to fight, let Alan and Luo Guofu and other naturalized first, and then with Wu Lei and others, is undoubtedly hoping to get the lead in the beginning.Instead, he started Wang, who had been so-so in his previous games.When the starting list came out, fans questioned why Wang Started?Some fans said, “Stanley Wang might be a thunder,” and “How can there still be Stanley Wang?””” Can’t Stanley Wang not go?Can’t think of fans so prophesy all come true, Wang Stanley chao really became a “pit”, the national football team pit miserably.First of all, Wang’s condition is not good, too easy to make mistakes, whether defense, or pass offense, Wang is sleepwalking state.But in Vietnam’s first goal, China’s defense obviously problems, let Vietnam too easy to cross, and easily to fight for the header, the two defense can be said to be eye defense, sloppy defense.This is not how well Vietnam played, but the national football team’s defense is not good.Soon after the goal, China’s defense again appeared problems, Vietnam kicked in front of the door, Wang Shanchao actually stood watching the play, motionless, the opponent has been passed to the middle, Wang Shanchao did not stick position, was easily scored by the opponent in front of the goal.Stanley wang this defense is really poor, is completely eye defense, standing still.With that defensive attitude, you want to win?Forget Vietnam, myanmar will lose next.And in the National football team 0-2 down, Wang Stanley chao also caused the ridicule of the fans, two lost the ball and he had a great relationship, Wang Stanley chao can be said to be a sinner.Did Li Xiaopeng regret it?You’re still too stubborn to start with Stanley Wang.If he had not started, the National team would not have conceded two goals so soon.This match is a battle of honor for the National football team, it is impossible to enter the World Cup, but you should at least hold the bottom line, at least to win Vietnam, right?I can’t believe I’m still behind.And the national football team has naturalized players, in the case of naturalized players also debut, even Vietnam also play?So don’t blame the fans for being ugly, it’s just that your performance is worse.Li Xiaopeng thought in the second half can wake up, the results of his second half and god substitution, this time unexpectedly replaced Alan and Luo Guofu, zhang Yuning, Wei Shihao.This will be a gambling substitution for Li Xiaopeng, depending on the effect, if lost to Vietnam, you will even li Tie are inferior.