The first batch of national-level tourism and leisure blocks | Cijue Lin Tibetan Courtyard Style Street: Lhasa’s unique experiential tourism life

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A drama drives an ancient Tibetan village to become rich. Princess Wencheng, the large-scale epic drama of Tibetan culture with the highest altitude in China, shows incisively and vividly the journey of Lord Wencheng of tang Dynasty thousands of years ago.Located in Lhasa China Tibet Cultural tourism Creative Park, Cijelin Tibetan Courtyard Style Street also relies on Princess Wencheng Theatre, forming a unique experience of Lhasa tourism life.Across the Lhasa River, the Street overlooks the Potala Palace. As the first commercial area with the theme of cultural tourism in Tibet Creative Park in China, it inherits the history and culture of cijelin ancient villages and enjoys absolute geographical advantages.It has built a tourism and leisure block integrating folk culture display, ethnic handicrafts production and marketing, performing arts and entertainment, hotels and leisure, trade and sightseeing, and life services.Intangible cultural Heritage-Tibetan Opera Street closely follows the development trend of The Tibetan cultural industry market. Relying on the large-scale Tibetan cultural epic Princess Wencheng to attract tourists, it is oriented to the needs of tourists’ tourism experience and focuses on the heavy participation and experience of Tibetan customs and conditions.It has built a comprehensive supporting industry of cultural tourism integrating theme catering, boutique hotels, theme b&B, leisure experience, cultural creativity and cultural mass innovation, aiming to create a complex cultural tourism industry structure of “live-action performance + cultural experience”.Concentrated area combined with the local characteristics of Lhasa, acting vigil for drive, further enrich and improve quality of the formats on each point, through thorough planning a series of economic activities, make more quality and connotation of economic form into Lhasa, combining with the excellent traditional culture of Tibet, formed the unique style of wine culture, light culture, song and dance culture, culture, etc.,The combination of economic development has truly brightened the night of Lhasa, made the business circle more popular, made consumption more popular, and helped the overall tourism economic recovery in Tibet Autonomous Region.Attaches great importance to the spread of Tibetan paradise gallery amorous feelings street healthy diet culture, strive to absorb innovation Tibetan food businesses to adapt to the tourists demand, at present has formed with Tibetan food is given priority to, to eat hot pot, light diet culture is complementary, produced the peng Ba hot, the mountain beauty brand merchants such as early, basic meet the needs to come to the food of the citizens and tourists.On wen gen derivatives, have given priority to with rich Tibetan cultural content and master skills of all, thangka, oil painting studio, also have rich Tibetan jewelry, jade, beeswax, silver products, etc. A total of 19 merchants, tie-in amorous feelings street, floats, the princess wencheng derivatives, meet the demand of the public and tourists shopping, rich products, buy value.At the same time, it attaches great importance to the construction and maintenance of tourism infrastructure to ensure the degree of experience.At the same time, the street has good traffic accessibility. At present, tourists and citizens can reach it by No. 35 bus, Didi, taxi, White pagoda — Princess Wencheng theater special line, private cars and shared electric vehicles.Since its opening on May 1, 2015, style Street has provided 350 jobs for 2,100 people. In 2018, it was awarded as “Lhasa Commercial And Trade Enterprise Demonstration Cluster Area”, and it is also an important part of princess Wencheng Tibetan Culture Garden 4A level scenic spot and national Night culture and tourism consumption cluster area.And has to be included in the national tourism and leisure blocks, extremely expanded fame and influence, exerting huge gathering effect, will be more comprehensive radiation driving the development of Lhasa river south bank regional tourism and leisure economy, cohesion and Tibet highland drama culture and tourism and leisure economy, strongly promote the Tibetan culture tour industry to upgrade.(Photo provided by Cijue Lin Tibetan Courtyard style street) Editor: Wu Min