The fifth day of the year of the Tiger to welcome the god of wealth

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The fifth day of the first lunar month is the day when the god of wealth comes to the world.On this day, every family will hold activities to welcome the god of wealth.May this year be a good year and a good source of money.In ancient China, there were five gods of wealth, representing the Chinese people’s five views on wealth.Read these five gods of wealth, also read the Chinese wealth password.Bigan bigan, the god of wealth, was the uncle of King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty.But because king Zhou foolhardy, than dry was daji design, dig heart and die.Because there is no heart, so the people think he is impartial, as a symbol of justice, named the East road god of wealth.The god of wealth is just.A practical and industrious person, naturally can gather wealth.If you put in enough effort, you will reap the rewards.Don’t go awry, don’t be opportunistic, as long as the steadfast efforts is the best way to make money.Guan Yu, the God of wealth on the West Road, was known as the God of righteousness among the people. After he was separated from Liu Bei, he was forced to take refuge with Cao Cao in order to save his sister-in-law. Cao Cao made him Hou Shouting of han.Confide in him and lavish him with high office.However, Guan Yu was not impressed. After learning of Liu bei’s whereabouts, he went back to liu Bei without hesitation.His loyalty was admired by later generations.Therefore, it becomes the embodiment and symbol of loyalty.Guan Yu was a general of Western Shu, so he was named the God of wealth in the West.Confucius said, “The superior man is compared to righteousness; the meaner man to profit.”If to benefit and abandon moral, that is a villain.A real gentleman will stick to the bottom line and never take loyalty as a bargaining chip in exchange for benefits.If the means of acquiring wealth cross the line, the person will have trouble sleeping and being despised.Filthy lucre is not desirable, but moral integrity is the key to peace.South road the god of wealth Chai Wang Ye Five dynasties later Zhou Shizong Chai Rong, commonly known as “Chai Wang Ye.When Chai Rong family fortunes fall, have to assume the burden of the family.He accumulated a large amount of wealth through business, supported his adoptive father Guo Wei, and eventually calmed the chaos and ascended the throne.After that, he still did not forget the sufferings of the people, love people like children, so deeply loved by the people.He was known as the God of wealth in the South road because he made a fortune pushing a small truck all the way south as a child.The story of Lord Chai tells us that as long as a person’s heart is good, he can accumulate virtues and cultivate good fortune and make a comeback.Kindness breeds Yang, kindness breeds wealth.Being kind enough is the best way to make money.Zhao Gongming, the god of wealth, is a character in the ancient novel Romance of Gods.He was later named the God of wealth by Jiang Taigong and began to control the fortune of the world.The Book of God Search says that he “buys and sells for money, and he can make it profitable.”Zhao Gongming will protect you from being friendly while making money in business.The Chinese have always emphasized harmony to make money.Only harmony between people can bring wealth.Harmony to auspicious, good gas to anger.When one is kind, others are comfortable.So that we can give back to each other, and over time, wealth comes.King Hai, the God of Wealth, was the ruler of the Shang Dynasty before shang Tang was founded.He became rich through business, and after he became rich, he started to drive people around him into business.Therefore, he was called the first ancestor of Chinese merchants and later named the God of wealth in charge of the middle road.Wang Hai is good at business. In his opinion, wealth can only be created continuously in the flow.It’s like water. It keeps flowing so it doesn’t stink.Therefore, the really great businessmen, through the continuous circulation, to bring themselves a lot of wealth.The fifth morning, people joyfully, to meet the god of wealth, wish themselves a year, wealth and well-being.The god of wealth, no matter which direction to go, can get money, get good luck.