Graphics card quote avalanche?Practitioner: take goods price two months to drop 2000, now is suitable to start

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On March 25, graphics card quotation “avalanche” was searched on Weibo.According to Securities Times, the price of high-end graphics cards plunged overnight in the overseas market. The price of high-end graphics card GeForce RTX 3080 TUF Gaming OC dropped 35% in the Australian market in one day. Overnight,The offer price dropped from 2299 Australian dollars (about 10,000 yuan) to 1499 Australian dollars (about 7,000 yuan), the biggest drop in history, and the average price of other graphics cards dropped by 10% recently.At the same time, the price of graphics cards in the domestic market also presents a downward trend, according to the statistics of Zhongguancun online, March is the lowest price of graphics cards in the past two years, including RTX 3080 Ti even appeared below the official price of the “break” situation.Mr Ma of Shandong Yantai is engaged in computer hardware industry to have nearly 10 years, he also experienced present show card price to have apparent fall back.He told jiupai news that the current price of graphics cards has reached a low point, “in January this year, we took the price of about 6,999 yuan, now we take the price of 5,000 yuan, which is 2,000 yuan lower.”To the situation that the price of graphics card is high before, Mr Ma also thinks, this is the performance of a kind of market malformation.In addition to higher prices for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin at the end of 2020, which will drive up demand for graphics cards, the bigger price impact will be a shortage of chips in 2021, he said.Previously, Mr. Ma looked for upstream manufacturers can basically guarantee to take nearly 100 graphics cards at a time, but in 2021, every time to take only three or four graphics cards, no more than 20.”I took a 3060TI as an example, which costs around 2,900 yuan.The current market price is about 3,800 yuan, and last year it peaked at 6,000 yuan, which is a difference of more than 2,000 yuan.”Think of graphics card price before, Mr Ma also some feeling.Now that prices are falling, he thinks it’s likely that the supply of chips is more complete and graphics cards are more plentiful, bringing demand and supply into a better balance.To plan to assemble a computer, the purchase of graphics card users, Mr. Ma also said that the near future can consider starting, “in the future may be one or two hundred, there will not be too huge fluctuations, buy early enjoy.As for mainstream graphics cards falling below their initial price, I personally don’t think it’s likely.”Nine PI news noted that the prices of most graphics cards are still a long way from the initial sale price, but have almost tied the all-time low.Seeing this situation, some netizens joked, “If you do not buy, I will not buy, and tomorrow we can still reduce by 200”.Msi 3090 graphics card.GeForce RTX 30 series, as the mainstream consumer graphics card in the current market, has been on sale since September 2020, and has been highly praised by players for its powerful performance.From the RTX 3060 to the flagship RTX 3090, the sale price also ranges from 2,500 yuan to 12,000 yuan.But the explosion in the value of bitcoin and other virtual currencies at the end of 2020 pushed up the price of graphics cards, the workhorses of mining.This will be followed by a chip shortage in 2021, which will lead to higher and higher prices for graphics cards.At one point, the entry-level RTX3060 card was more than double the price of the original.Wu Di, journalist of nine Factions