The fickleness of the world is normal

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People often sigh with emotion, human changes in temperature, the fickleness of the world.In fact, this is a human often, not strange, although “young study Qionglin · volume 1 · age class” this is very uneven, said “hateful human changes in temperature, can be disgusted with the fickleness of the world.”But Feng Menglong is far more detached and accessible. In “Xingshiheng Yan” volume 20 “Zhang Tingxiu escapes to save his father”, he quotes zhang Wenxiu, a character in the novel, as saying: “The world is fickle and comes from such a situation, it is not different.”Therefore, it can be said that the fickleness of the world is normal!Is the so-called: flowers butterfly branches, trees fall, monkeys scattered.Wang Mou (mianfu, formerly known as “Lord Kuo”), a resident of the Song Dynasty, lists three examples in his “The Fickleness of the world” book series. To sum up, the fickleness of the world has existed since ancient times.The first case is the general of Zhao – lianpo of negating jing and pleading guilty: Lianpo is the general of Zhao, and the guests are all to;They will not return, and the guests will go;After that, the guest came again and said, “The guest retreated.”The visitor said, “Gee, how late you are!Husband to city road pay, jun has power, I namely from;I will go when you are powerless.Why complain?”Quite beyond answer.You see, guest talk with the city and road, have the power to follow, no power to go, of course, righteously, but Lao Lian Po reason, “no answer”.Lord Mengchang, one of the four princes of the Warring States Period, was a crafty rabbit who was a minister of qi in the three caves.And dethroned, and the guests departed;When the guest returned, Lord Mengchang said, “Why does the guest look so civilized?”The guest said, “Life must die, and things must come.Rich many people, poor friends, things of course, you alone do not see the husband toward the market?Ming Dan side shoulder to enter the door, after sunset, the market off arm disregard, not good and evil twilight, the period of things forget which also.”Lord Mengchang met him.At the beginning, Lord Mengchang hated these snobbier and fickle guests very much. He listened to them and thought that it made sense, so he followed suit and “met them with kindness”.This was also recorded in The Biography of Lord Mengchang in The History of The North, but there were some differences. It was not the guest who said so, but feng Huan’s advice to Lord Mengchang.In wang mou’s third example, “Zhai Gong in a different time did the same thing” : Zhai Gong was the captain of the court, and the guests mou the door;And waste, the door can be set up jueluo;Later he returned to the post of captain, and when the guests wanted to visit him, Zhai Gong wrote to his door, saying, “One knows friendship through death and life;A poor rich, is the state of communication;Friendship is friendship.”Compared with the two, the judgment is superior, Zhai Gong from guests to empty the door to the encounter is deplorable, but its realm compared with the above two, is nothing but heaven, heaven is different.So Wang mou did not hesitate to ask, “The mou is so thin. Why do Zhai Gong think so?”After that, he gently said to zhai, “I am sorry that there is no one to tell him of the two guests,” which meant that zhai gong could not be blamed entirely, because there was no wise person to explain the persuasion.He also said, “The garden of Shuo contains this sentence, and adds, ‘When you float and when you don’t, friendship comes out’.”So, how to appear less, late appear and even avoid the occurrence of this “sordidness of the world” of the situation, inspirational celebrity, the body hangs six countries of the su Qin seal gave the answer: “excuse!Poor parents are not children, wealth relatives fear.Life in the world, potential riches and honour, cover can suddenly zai?”That’s the answer — rich and powerful!If not, let nature take its course;Had to “everything is not caring about, life is life arrangement” from the solution from wide, otherwise, how can!