Only 45 minutes to advance!City’s 5-goal victory puts both feet into the last eight of the Champions League

2022-05-20 0 By

The knockout stage of the Champions League is a two-leg home and away format, two 90-minute decisive matches, but sometimes the suspense is gone after the first leg.Take this season’s Champions League quarter-final between Manchester City and Portugal Sport.The champions league knockout draw a showdown in this group are thought to be the most out of the suspense and although guardiola has repeatedly stressed the “Portuguese competitiveness is very strong, the Portuguese sports very unity”, but everyone thinks it’s just a pep guardiola usual trick – before the cup of “milk”, match a “beat”, “jiedu” again after the game.However, Guardiola is right to say that Portuguese sport is really united.The top of the Portuguese war last weekend, the Portuguese sports road 2 to 2 draw leaders Porto, the fierce confrontation, and relates to the championship fight at the end of the game evolved into a large-scale assaults, facing home Porto players, staff and fans of the fray, Portuguese sports from player to coach, not afraid, just spell out a split.But the Portuguese league proved to be a far cry from the Premier League, and while Portuguese sport was spirited in the opening minutes to the roar of its home fans, City quickly put a chill on Portuguese sport – the kind that can be chilling to the heart.Just seven minutes into the game, City opened Portugal sport’s vaunted defence with a superb display of play, bernardo Silva’s inverted triangular pass inside the box, foden’s volley being saved by De Braunet and Mahrez’s volley from close range.The whole thing went so smoothly that the Portuguese players almost saw the ball go into the net.Portuguese Sport tried to fight back but were quickly overwhelmed by City’s dominance.Bernardo Silva extended the lead to 2-0 in the 17th minute with a volley from a corner kick.City came back in the 32nd minute when Foden fumbled inside the penalty area to extend their lead to 3-0.So far, the outcome of the game has no suspense, and even the suspense did not qualify.Originally the most optimistic estimate, this group showdown promotion suspense will be clear after the end of the first round, but did not expect, this half is not over, the suspense is gone.In the 44th minute, Sterling dribbled into the box and knocked back bernardo Silva’s volley to make it 4-0.It was the first time a visiting team had taken a four-goal lead at the end of the first half of a Champions League knockout game and Guardiola inadvertently made history again.The second half was no more than a passing game, with the weak Portuguese side unable to threaten Ederson’s goal and guardiola too embarrassed to strike again when Sterling struck the ball to make it 5-0.After a flurry of changes, City went home 5-0 victorious and focused on the challenge tottenham face at the weekend.In 45 minutes of a 180-minute home and away game, Guardiola had beaten a European opponent to Championship level, a side he had nurtured for five years and which had already put his stamp on.Of course, city’s ultimate goal has never changed and the Champions League remains guardiola’s quest for glory.Only this time, blue Moon, once again the favorite to win, can this be the year?Blue moon in the sky, the world is unique!Chelsea have made it, Man City are just one step away.