On the first day of the year, unlock your year of the Tiger keywords

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Joy and Good Wishes Year after year Heart to heart one greeting bless you Peace never Leave flowers bloom riches and honour Meet In the New Year Tiger vigor and joy soar into the sky On the first day of the New Year, everyone is eager to have everything they want in the New Year, there is a good omen.Therefore, there are many taboos on this day, especially for the older generation.Some of them are from the older generation, but they all make sense.Don’t make these taboos on the first day of the New Year 1, avoid hitting furniture (plates, bowls, wine and other fragile items).Think break furniture, a year four order unlucky.However in today’s society, when the children as a result of accidentally broken furniture also does not matter, only the adults quickly say: “old (broken) to () good, old to good, but safe”, also changed fierce for auspicious.2, can not say unlucky words, say more blessings you have not been scolded by the elders because of the Chinese New Year said unlucky words?Chinese New Year itself is a particularly auspicious festival, assuming that during the Chinese New Year period, especially the first day of the New Year, saying unlucky words is easy to make people lose their good mood, not having a good mood will naturally not bring good luck.So, on the first day of the New Year, say something nice, like Da Fu Da GUI, Gong Xi Fa CAI and so on. After all, good words don’t cost money, right?3, avoid pouring sewage, dregs, sweep the floor on the first day of the New Year do not engage in the work of sprinkling, because how easy to sweep the wealth of the home.4, during the day can not sleep nap Chinese New Year sleep nap, meaning the whole year will be very lazy;It is also due to the guests in the home, the guests to the New Year is also rude to sleep in the day.